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5/20/2009 3:02 AM
    OK, so it has been several years since I last put pen to paper - or fingers to pc - and speculated writting Deathlands connected stories. But question, how do you guys get to see it ?

    I've thinking about writting some short stories based on a kind of Deathlands X-men 'esque (no spandex !)
     group taking on some offspring of the Cornelius family in a kind of Vampire wars saga. (Yeah, I know Ryan killed 'em all, but ..........) 

    So how do you see it ? If you want to ? 

    Take care, Gumble (richard coleman, Matlow, UK)

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    5/20/2009 1:27 PM
    Part works as posts used to work well back in the days of old ?

    Not sure if there is an upper end to a post size word wise, thats one for Ron to answer when he's next around here ?

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    5/28/2009 4:23 PM
    i'd just copy and paste little snippets like i have done..somehow i've gotten over 1000 views on my little short story...i tried to stick to like 3-4 long paragraphs at most...