Just finished book 70 and WTH?!?!
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9/30/2012 2:16 AM

    I really liked most of the book but the entire beginning made no damn sense. So these people want to remake america in abetter way. They know about the companions and "kill" Ryan anyway. Then they shoot the weak, even though they could use them to create "civilized" regions that spread their word. The entire resoning for the book was stupid. I liked the characters and the battles were really well writen, but obviously the author gave no thought to the actual situation. It just wouldn't happen that way. Not with people as smart as the ones on Magog.

    I hate the killing of kids as shorthand for "badguys." Knock it off Deathlands! Try to be original once in a while...yes bad guys kill kids, but they are the boring bad guys. Give us the ones who are not boring.