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Outlanders Enemies

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   The Cerberus crew have made a large number and wide variety of enemies; most of them are now dead, but some still stalk Deathlands looking for revenge. This section covers the more noteworthy enemies mentioned in the books. People marked (D) are deceased.

   Gyatso (D): Gyatso was a Bonpo shaman, a member of an obscure Buddhist sect that honed their minds to incredible levels of power. He teamed up with Grigori Zakat to find the Chintamani Stone after Zakat killed Dorjieff. He was a hybrid, a cross between human and archon, and one of the ambassadors of the lost civilization of Agartha. He died when he tried to access the power of part of the trapezohedron stone; the power rebounded on him, exploding his brain (Iceblood).
   Gyatso was a hybrid, created several centuries ago, the last descendant of the Maha Chohan. He was of average height, with pale skin, abnormally long fingers, and large dark eyes.

   Sharpe, Baron (D): Baron Sharpe was one of the Nine Barons, the one in charge of Sharpeville. He caught a disease from an airborne pathogen and coughed up blood for two days before falling into a coma. He was whisked to the Dulce facility and treated; he awoke a week alter, claiming that he had died and was reborn. Unfortunately, the coma seemed to have done something to his mind - he became slightly unbalanced (or, perhaps, more so than before). Since he considered himself "undead", he felt that he could wear whatever he pleased - after all, no one would tell him otherwise. He was fond of going into the old storage rooms and picking out clothing at random. He also chose Crawler as an advisor.
   Sharpe was tall and muscular, with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He was killed by Kane when he took a team of Magistrates to Redoubt Papa to search for a previous team that had been wiped out (Parallax Red).

   Sindri: William Paulo, aka Sindri (the Norse god of crafting), is the product of a human father and a transadapt mother. He served as a go-between for the humans and transadapts on Cydonia colony after his father was exiled from the colony. When he discovered that both races were doomed to extinction due to a song planted on Mars by the Tuatha de Danaan to prevent the Archons from returning, he took his findings to the ruling council, who blew him off. He incited the transadapts to rebellion, and a war ensued that killed all the humans and three-quarters of the transadapts. Thereafter, he took over control of the colony and Parallax Red, seeking a way to return to Earth so that they could escape the song. He later revealed that he doesn't care about the transadapts; he wanted to blow up Mars using a gamma-ray gun on the space station, which would cause mass devastation on Earth and enable him to swoop in and take over as humanity's new savior. The Cerberus crew foiled his plans, destroying the gun and presumably killing him as well, but he survived (Parallax Red).
   Sindri is a perfectly-formed man with long blond hair, blue eyes, and beautiful features, except for the fact that he's only three feet tall and has a monstrously oversized penis. He's clinically insane, has genius-level intelligence, is well-read, and always dressed impeccably.

   Zakat, Grigori (D): Grigori Zakat was a Russian operative of the ISN and a member of the Khlysty sect. After surviving a plane crash in Tibet, he stumbled upon the Trasilunpo Lamasery, where he was taken in and nursed back to health. There, he met Gyatso, who teamed up with him to find the Chintamani Stone after he killed Dorjieff and took the title Tsyansis Khan-Po ("King of Fear").
   He died in a final confrontation with Kane. Kane had grabbed his pendant, which Zakat believed was the key to accessing the stone's power; Zakat was clinging to a ledge over an abyss, and when Kane dropped it on the ledge, he made a grab for it, lost his grip, and fell to his death (Iceblood).

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