Alaska: Event/Timeline Location Map

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General History

1. First Encounter with Americans by Uchitel's Marauders.

2. Fairbanks Alaska

3. Redoubt Zulu. Occupied for several generations by survivors of the original staff left behind to guard it. It is also the site of the HAARP array. Tara, the computer with the organic interface never bothered the inhabitants as they were not seen as a threat.

4. Site of the Dam that is destroyed by J.B. Dix to wipe out what is left of Uchitels Marauders. It is also the site of Okie's Death.

5. Site of the Ville of religious nuts ruled by Apostle Ezekiel Herne. He is the leader of the church of the Dark Lord Waiting.

6. Anchorage. Totally destroyed by the nuclear war. The ruins have long since been swept into the sea by the constant earthquakes.

7. The White Circle represents the small section around redoubt Zulu that was released from the eternal winter by the HAARP technology in 2198. The area was free from winter for over a month before Tara allowed the winter to return once she banned anyone from returning.

8. Location of the Sulphur mine. Also the location of a secret redoubt that contained a gateway, as well as a military project revolving around sec hunter droids.

9. Whitehorse