Outlander Settlements

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Destiny Run

Moscow: The crown Jewel of the Former Soviet Union.  This city has been rebuilt over the two hundred years since the holocaust and has seen change in government many many times as one regime is overthrown by yet another.  It is a thriving community still controlled by the government and military. They even have running vehicles and a few old aircraft. 

Savage Sun

Cuprun: This small ville located in South Western Idaho was wiped out to a person by Baron Cobalt in what the Archons dubbed a harvesting. This ville was where the girl Domi was born. She left it two years before meeting up with Grant and the others. No one survived the harvesting.

New London: See Bitter Fruit for more information. In 2168 A man calling himself Lord Strongbow came to the city and re-organized it, bringing back the Anglo-Saxon beliefs. From this city he spread out over the remains of the UK, unifying it except for Ireland. In 2198 New London has trading ties with France and Germany, have made inroads with the Mediterranean and some localities in the Balklands.

Parallax Red

There is a native settlement about one hundred miles away from the Cerberus Redoubt. It has been there since shortly after the nuclear winter ended. The natives have always been wary of whites and they also have a secret. About 100 years before a group ventured into their territory in a huge War Wag.  After returning from up the hill, the vehicle ran out of fuel and most of the occupants were massacred by the natives. After getting help from the Cerberus exiles in taking down a roaming bandit gang which kidnapped several of the native women, an uneasy alliance was formed. Kane and Grant helped get the war wag operational once again and they have been working together ever since. The natives even helped them turn back a magistrate force sent from Cobaltville to investigate the redoubt.

Doomstar Relic

About two hundred miles west of the ruins of New Orleans there is a ville named Boomtown. It is frequented by both normal humans and the Swampies mutants that inhabit the swamps of Louisiana. It was visited by a group of mags who stopped in to put up notices regarding Kane and Grant. Anyone with information leading to the capture of the exiles would receive a huge reward. Kane encounters a group of Swampies and he wants them to tell the mags that he lives in the ville.  They decide to chase after him and try to bring him in for the reward. It doesn't work.

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