Outlanders Honored Dead

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As with the Deathlands Honored Dead, this page will detail those who died while helping Kane, Grant and their fellow exiles. 

Savage Sun

Captain Lenya Ivornich. This woman is the daughter of Sverdlovosk, and both are members of District 12.  She was dressed in a dull maroon uniform blouse, high boots, jodhupers, and a wide gun belt.  She had a very feminine figure, deep black hair, an oval shaped, white face and slightly almond shaped eyes.  Her eyes were violet, hinting at a possible Asian ancestry. She was slightly shorter than Brigid but more muscular, as well as about five years older.  At first she was a little suspicious of Kane, Brigid, and Grant but grew to trust them. She was killed near the black city after Kane and Grant demand that the chieftain's sons remove their hats.  IT proved that they were under the influence of the Tushu Gun.

Hellbound Fury

Domi.  The alternate casement Domi kills herself after she is captured entering the Dulce (New Thule) genetic research laboratory with a tailored virus.  She was being interrogated by this casements Salvo.  Grant was about to lose it, even though the doppelganger was still mostly in control when Salvo injured her. She convinces him to let her arms free to sit up, and in return she would talk, about who set up her making it into the facility and who was her accomplices. Instead of letting them get the information, she snatches a weapon and blows her brains out, preventing them from learning anything.

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