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3/9/2013 11:02 AM

    OK, I just finished the first 50 pages of the latest DL.

    Already, just only after reading 50 pages - I already believe it to be the strongest opener this author has done in this series. Love the atmosphere! The biting cold of Alaska has always been some of the very best DL books since the very early years, like the 2nd book where they first encountered this area and Zimyanin.


    And Rik seems to've studied the characters of the DL companions much better, including the very fresh and new Ricky, and thus far, has done them justice.


    But the problem I see already, as numerous other various authors have done in the past, is showcasing Ryan and the companions as not  using common sense mixed with combat savvy. I don't know why these obviously solid and intelligent writers don't stop and think these battle scenarios out.


    Maybe its because I have served in the Armed Forces, but still, common sense goes a very long way.

    As exciting and well written as the first 50 pages are, why do the companions - once again! - leave a perfectly warm and secure redoubt and go out into the cold with a complete stranger, who on top of all that, tells them that there are as many as fifteen coldhearts out there chasing her. With only one extra clip thrown to Ryan by J. B., who stated that there was plenty of ammo in the redoubt, but food was old, I didn't read where everyone stocked up on ammo before they left.


    On top of that, they are instantly attacked, have been told that numerous others are out there, but they still leave the safer confines of a redoubt, if anything, to use it as a base for a possible battle. Or, they could have simply sealed it up, to further interrogate the newcomer female.


    But no, they just traipsed out there, without seemingly even gathering up everything they could for ammo and warmer clothing. Newcomer Ricky has never experienced cold, but how does he not freeze to death without grabbing a jacket from the redoubt? These are simple fixes, one would think, coming from such seemingly solid writers.


    The book is very good and exciting so far, don't get me wrong. Rik Hoskin writes and intriguing and page-turning DL thus far, and I didn't care for his first two attempts at this series. The story concepts were solid, but the overall execution of them left me wanting. This one, other than the issues I've pointed out so far, feels like he has a much better grasp of the characters.


    Hopefully, for this writer and this reader, the 3rd times the charm!