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This page will contain all the links to the other Deathlands sites, as well as to weapon manufacture sites and other miscellaneous related sites.

Deathlands Links.

Deathlands Homepage Justin Law's page.

Overproject Whisper Ron Mile's page.

Deathlands Timeline. Alex Maddison's page. Down for an undetermined period of time.

Outlands Scott Gilberts page. Not much right now, but sure to grow!

The Deathlands by Rodney D. Kolstad, a fine fellow indeed!

Skydark: Deathlands PBEM

Role playing links

The Supply Bunker This site has a great deal of material written by yours truly for a game called "The Morrow Project".

Gurps Science and Technology: This site is where I got the article on radiation for the role playing section. Not too many articles, but good stuff none the less!

Book and Game Seller links

The Sentry Box. This is the largest gaming store in Western Canada. It also has a HUGE book store where you can obtain missing issues of Deathlands. I know for a fact that they have at least two copies of Red Holocaust and Neutron Solstice for sale. Better hurry!

Barnes and Noble. This book seller has quite a few older issues of Deathlands available for sale. Check out the trading post for a list.

Pandora. As above, this is an on line mail order company where you can purchase older issues of the series. Check out my trading post page for the list.

Amazon. A rather famous web site for purchasing hard to find books. Check them out!

Abe's Books. Yet another web site to check out if you are looking to pick up missing copies of Deathlands.

Steve N. Either a online book store, or a private seller, but a great place to get missing Deathlands, and other adventure novels!

Deathlands novels on Audio Cassette from DHAudio!

Http:// Another place to buy Deathlands online.

Lil reader: An online store for books.

Book Authors and Web Pages

Creaturette's Darke Palace: The Homepage of Yvonne Navarro, one of my favorite authors. She wrote a really cool end of the world type novel called Final Impact, as well as several other horror novels, and the Aliens Novel, Music of the Spears. Her page is really worth Checking out.

Megsite: Steve Altern's personal web page for his Deep Sea horrow/adventure novels Meg and Trench.  Excellent reads, both!

Bob Mayer AKA Robert Doherty, Joe Dalton, Greg Donegan. Writer of Area 51, Atlantis and Psychic Warrior series 

Miscellaneous Links

House of Canes This is where I got the picture of Doc's sword cane (when I get it up on my page that is.) Check it out. You could own your own copy of the sword cane if you have the cash!

The Movie Poster Shop. My place of enployment. Be sure to tell them that you found this link on my page!

Fluxcapacitor: A fellow fan's site which is devoted to shows he would like to see on TV or on the big screen.

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles  This page is devoted to the awsome Starship Troopers computer animated series which I have to admit that I am a HUGE fan of. So much so I even wrote a small story called Mission Snafu for it. 

Artist Links

Karine This is another great artist, as well as a professional Animator! For some great pictures check it out.

Limbo's Tattoo Page: The gentleman who did the picture for Doc Tanner on the fan art page. Check it out!

Christi Hayden: The artist who is doing a large number of mutants on my page in the very near future. 

William Gabriel Webgrafix and Design

Friends Links

James Greaves. James and I have been friends for one hell of a long time now, ever since high school. Man, has it been that long already? Check out his site.

Hudson. This is a page to check out if your interested in seeing a really well designed site! Hudson was also kind enough to set up an HTML based chat room for me. It's really worth your time to stop in and visit. You might learn a few new web site designing tricks. However, DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING OFF HIS SITE!

Julie Paterson: Another fellow Deathlands Fan, and a great person! How about saying hi to her and her family, including her newborn daughter?

Rodney Moorhead. A fellow fan's and a great guy!  Has some interesting ideas to say the least!

Stonyland The webpage dedicated to Stonyman, Super Bolan and Mack Bolan

Foster River Camps:  The fly in fishing camp run by my best friend and his family. If you need a vacation and love to fish in the middle of nowhere, this is the place for you!   

Brad Marsh's Writing page:  His stories are really worth checking out, I strongly recommend them.

Weapon Manufacturers and Unofficial homepages links

Ruger home page.


Smith and Wesson

Realm of exotic weapons

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