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Laurence James, Rest in Peace, you will be missed. 

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Krysty Wroth, Ryan Cawdor and J.B. Dix

Welcome to what is the most accurate and information packed site devoted to both series Deathlands and Outlanders.  

Jack Adrian began the Deathlands series back in 1986. A little over half way through the first novel Pilgrimage to hell Mr. Adrian was unable to continue. It was taken over by Laurence James, AKA James Axler. He took the series and not only brought life to the main characters, but created a rich environment set in the deadly aftermath of a global nuclear war.

A couple of years back a brand new series began. This one takes place over ninety years in the future of Deathlands. It's called Outlanders, just in case you are one of the few Deathlands fans who may never have heard of it. Outlanders takes the mythology created for Deathlands and expands upon it greatly. The creation of the series was credited to Mark Ellis in book 3, Savage Sun. A large portion of this page is dedicated to this spin off series.

The series now spans over fifty novels, and there is no end in site. Laurence James  was responsible for writing all the novels up to and including Eclipse at Noon. The novels, starting from 'Stone Face' with the exception of 'Crucible of Time' have been written by other writers.

This site will contain a wealth of information on both series, including everything from complete character essays, to book summaries, and so forth.

The fan club is gone. I wasn't about to start paying Microsoft for the email list. Also, I've changed jobs, lost my latest job, been dealing with a ton of crap so on and so forth.  I hope that sometime in the near future that I'll be able to update more often, but until that time, another gentleman is going to start up his own page.  Once he has it up, I'll announce it on this site.

I've removed all the dead pages, and added a new story called Lost Empire Part Six.  I will have a new cover in the next couple of weeks.

Added a link to Brad Marsh's personal site for his writing. It can be found here as well. 

Deathlands Specific Pages

Animal Mutants Animal mutations encountered throughout the series.

Barons, Baronies, and Settlements.

Book Summaries Missed a book? Find out what happened.

Character Essays All the information you ever wanted to know.

Convoy Stories Titbits of information from Trader's convoy.

The Deserving Dead Those who Crossed the warriors and paid the ultimate price. 

Deathlands Geography: General information about the weather, geography and people of the Deathlands.

Equipment Always wanted to know what a piece of equipment was? Check here.

Fate Unknown People encountered, but it's not known if they are dead or alive.

The Honored Dead Those who died fighting side by side with Ryan's group.

Humanoid Mutants Ever wanted to know what a Stickie is? How about a Scabbie? Check here.

Traderisms Words of wisdom from Ryan's Mentor.

Weapons: Weapons used by the group, or encountered.

Outlanders Specific Pages

Archons, Mutants, and other Aliens(?) The various non humans encountered in the Outlander Series.

Archon Artifacts and Artifact sites. Various devices and Sites created or used by the Archons and other creatures.

Outlanders Baronies and Barons The nine Baronies and their Barons.

Outlanders Book Summaries  

Outlander Character Essays Essays on the major characters of the series.

Outlanders Deserving Dead Those who were killed by Kane and Co.

Outlanders Equipment Under Construction!

Outlanders Fate Unknown. Are they Dead? Missing in Action? Who knows!

Outlanders Honoured Dead.

Outlanders Settlements. Villes and cities in the Outlands.

Outlanders Weapons

DL/OL Shared Pages

Alternate Realities:  The various alternate casements that have been visited. 

Archon Directive/Totality Concept and Divisions. Described in Detail!

Deathlands Map Scanned from the first edition of Pilgrimage to Hell.

Deathlands/Outlanders State Event/Location Maps

Miscellaneous files: Files that have no home page, such as Traders final Letter to Ryan and so forth

Redoubts Wondered how many redoubts were mentioned in a novel? The location of a particular redoubt? Here is where you should look!

Redoubt Location Map.

Slang The lingo for both series.

Time Line Important events to occur during both Series.

Unanswered Questions Facts that may never be revealed.

Miscellaneous Pages

Chat Room How about stopping in and saying hi to fellow fans?

Fan Art  

Fan Fiction Work by aspiring authors.

F.A.Q or Frequently Asked Questions

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Links Weapon pages, other Deathlands sites, Book sellers, Misc. pages.

Message Boards: The Ask Axler, Trading Post, Message Board have all been recreated and moved to their new home

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