Traderisms and Trader's rules

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This file will contain all the traderisms and his rules that are mentioned throughout the series.


No Chilling for the sake of Chilling.

Forgetting even minor details can chill you.

Always repay your debts.

Man who cries over spilt milk is blinded by his tears.

Over, under, around, or through.

Sooner’s better than later.

If you get caught by hostiles, play dumb.

The will to live is quite simply a matter of your personal courage.

Live right up to the moment you start dying.

A man has to go out and hit a lick for what he believes is right.

If you get left, you get left. Survival of the mostest.

If you kept ready for trouble, it will never happen. Relax for a second, and you might get dead.

Keep careful, keep alive.

Find yourself ambushed and your best chance of not buying the farm is to go forward like goose shit off a shovel. They won't be expecting that.

How, when and where. Always take these into consideration when making a war plan.

Life’s a deal of hard travelling.

Blast first, weep later.

There is a time to fight, but more importantly, was the time when you decided not to fight.

A man could only get himself chilled once.

If you find yourself with no hope, or odds a million to one, you take the long shot.

Nobody ever got himself chilled from being careful.

Happiness is a full mag.

In a fight, do what's right. Do it hard and do it fast. That's all

In a fight, get them going, and keep them going. Chill em as quick as you can.

Don't apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.

Nothings forever.

Man who hurries when he doesn't have to gets himself an early chilling and the buzzards a free lunch.

A man who runs away from a fire fight lives to run away another day.

The best coward is the chilled coward.

Half measures mean half failures.

One handful of ashes looks like any other handful of ashes.

A man who died of pride is a fool. A corpse can't get revenge.

What women want from men is something that they are always out of.

When you have two bad options, choose the least bad of the two.

The most basic weapon you have is your own body.

Man who gives everything away discovers he has nothing left for himself.

Better to fight with five trained men, than with five hundred untrained men.

A dead enemy wouldn't ever come back to chill you.

Patients never killed anyone.

The man who rushed blind into a fight often found himself staring into the sky.

If you thought you saw something, then that was enough. Man who waited to be sure would eventually end up feeding the maggots.

In any firefight there is a crucial moment when the situation goes beyond words. If the moment is recognized, then there is a chance of staying alive. Missing it kills.

If you couldn't hit, then save yourself from getting hit.

Get it right when it doesn't matter and you'll get it right when it does.

Most men when faced with the choice of going on or turning back, will likely go on. No one likes to turn back.

A man who waited for a firefight would likely get chilled. The man who moved carefully would likely do the chilling.

There's a time for speech, and a time for silence. Knowing the difference is real important.

Birght sun makes for a good target.

Get farther and live longer if you don't talk soft shit.

Man who stays calm is a man who stays alive.

Talks cheap, action costs.

Never mix up big with slow.

A bullet through the eye settles most arguments.

Steal food from a mans plate in front of him and he'll most likely get angered. Steal food from the back shelf of his larder and odds are he won't even discover its gone.

A man never leaves an enemy alive. If he did then one day he'd have a terminal cause to regret his generosity.

When you make a plan, stick to it, unless you had a good reason to change.

Better to be on guard when you don't have to be, than not to have been on guard when you should have been.

No point in talking about something that may or may not happen tomorrow.

Stay close, keep quite, and keep your finger loose on the trigger.

Man who says he can do what he can't do can end up screwing everything.

Living's mistakes you don't make.

Best chance you get if your caught is right at the beginning. After that it gets harder and harder.

If you get caught in a trap, the best chance is to go back. That way you know where you've been.

Man who fights and runs away saved his ass.

I don't mind a man admitting he didn't know something. Can't stand a man who pretends to know something but really doesn't.

A leader who show's doubt really isn't a leader after all.

Put a hundred strangers in a room and guess how many are friendly. If your lucky, really lucky, you might find one who is.

Better to be jumpy than asleep.

Never go on the road with animals or kids.

There are some things that a man just can't ride around.

The man who survived was ready, even when he wasn't.

When your kind to someone, more often than not your actually being cruel.

Never more too fast, it'll draw attention to yourself.

Now's as good a time as any.

Guessing is not so good as knowing.

You can't make a stew without cutting some meat.

See a chance, take a chance.

Take out your enemy. A dead man hurts nobody.

When a man say's trust me, it almost always leads to one place. The grave.

You know the rules. You live within them or die without them.

The time you stop getting curious is the time you find dirt hitting your open eyes.

Man who is ready to give up is ready to buy the farm.

Until you can spit in the eye's of the corpse, you better figure on it still living.

As long as you have an explanation that is possible, even though it was unlikely, there is no point in worrying about anything else.

Put your heart in front of your head and you don't get happy, you get dead.

If you wait long enough, you usually wait too long.

Anything that makes your life easier should be done.

A man has to realise the difference between a threat and a promise.

When dealing with a frontier pest hole, get in quick and careful, when your done, get out quick and careful. While your staying inside, get your buisness done quick and careful.

A full metal jacket has a hell of a lot of power and damned little brains.

If your going to get hurt, waiting isn't going to make it any easier.

Man who believes his eyes and ears without rasing a question's already has gotten his ticket booked for the last train out to the coast.

Charity is something stupes do for losers.

When using a knife, use the tip. Gets there the quickest and the sharpest.

First five seconds of a firefight gives you the best chances. After that the odds go down faster than a brake failed war wag.

No bullets gets you dead!

No one moves by standing still.

Don't believe much in certainties, unless you include death.

When dealing with mutants, chill them today and tomorrow, chill them fast and chill them good.

The only thing worse than a baron with one dog, is a baron with two dogs.

Man who jumps to conclusions sometimes ends up jumping into his own grave.

Trust half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.

Man who asks too man questions is going to end up getting too few answers.

Man who says a thing once won't say it twice.

The longer you thought about escaping danger, the less likely you were to succeed.

The most important thing to do is take out the leader of the pack.

Close action and don't fuck with cleaver tricks. A hit'll take a man down, and once he's down you can think of your next action.

Never leave a job until it's all done.

Some you won, some you draw.

Man who takes a chancce when he doesn't have to can't wait to get into the grave.

A bullet wasted today could be a life wasted tomorrow.

A man should never beg for mercy.

Always go the last mile, the last bullet, the last breath.

Never known a promise that couldn't be broken.

Never get involved in anything not concerning you unless you don't have a choice.

You don't live long in the Deathlands unless you have courage, but you don't live long if you don't have the brains either.

The day Trader runs is the day Trader catches the last train to the coast.

A man who gets too close to a woman might as well cut off his own balls with a bayonet.

Always look after yourself and your friends. Anyone else who gets helped out at the same time is a bonus. But you never, never help anyone who doesn't bother to get off their asses to help themselves first.

Its hard to leave it too late to make a plan. But there are a lot of good me six feet under because they tried to make their combat plans too early.

Man doesn't have to be careless more than once. Once is all it takes to become deeply dead.

When you kill someone try to get 200% of the action on your side.

A person who feels good, fights good.

Man who walks into a strange building without a cocked blaster in his fist will likely come out on his back.

Never betray a friend. One day in a frontier pesthole there will be a voice out of the darkness telling you not to turn around. Then there will be the blazing pain of a full metal jacket bursting your heart and lungs.

The only thing that rain does to a healthy man or woman is make them wet.

Wasted words were as much good as pebbles dropped down a dry well.

In a combat situation a man who fires too soon will likely chill some of his friends with the bullet.

When going into a hostile ville, go in with everything, as hard and fast as you can, no holding back for the next day, as the next day may never come.

Staying alive and winning come to the same thing.

Living is a one shot operation.

A man travelling alone travels fastest. But two good men traveling together travel the safest.

The finest pie crust can hide a stinking fish.

When trying to guess the future, don't bother. Save your brain. It's about as useless as trying to hold a conversation with a dead Stickie.

Man who rushes in is the man who gets himself carried out.

If you don't try, you don't succeed.

A man who plans anything past his nose is likely to get it hacked off.

Take your food while you can, as you never know where the next meal is gonna come from.

If you take one foot backward, you might end up with six feet of clay lying on your chest.

Talk beats chilling.

A man who claims to be lucky is one of two things. Either a triple stupe, or lucky.

Man who looks five minutes ahead gets wasted by the man who looks an hour ahead.

A man who tells his enemy his weakness deserves to buy the farm.

There is no time to stop and wonder about what's happening. To wonder is to begin to die.

You have to talk before you act.

Chill everything. The boar, the sow and the cubs. Because today's cubs are tomorrows boars.

In a knife fight give your opponent your hand, or arm, or risk a cut to the face. If your enemy sees blood, he'll think that he's won. Gets overconfident, gets cocky, gets him chilled.

A man who admits to having some trouble is in REAL trouble.

Never do after sunset what you could have done before.

A war wag can have only one driver.

Never underestimate how triple stupe a vengeance gang can get.

If your gonna get fucked up the ass you might as well lay back and accept it, and then at your first opportunity, chill the butt fucker.

A chance around the next bend is always worth waiting for.

A man that doesn't ask, doesn't get.

Lots of times you'll find that the hardest is actually the easiest.

Time to worry about the enemy is when you don't see him.

Having time in a fight is better than having a hatfull of bullets.

Divide a small force and you have no force at all.

Better to arrive a little late in once piece, than early in a whole mess of little pieces.

A man who walks sees a whole lot more than a man who runs.

When you meet something out of the ordinary, it's time to hit the trail again.

Always take sleep when you want it and you can get it. There will be times when you want sleep and you can't get it.

A man who counts his chickens before they're hatched winds up with a handful of broken shells.

Better to have weapons and not need them, than to not have weapons when you do need them.

Being tired is equal to triple danger.

Man who makes decisions without having all the facts is standing with one foot in the grave.

When you try to avoid risk, you usually run smack dab into another.

A baron is only as good as his sec boss.

Loyalty is a two way street.

If you come to talk, talk, but it you've come to chill, get on with the chilling.

The good old days were just a bunch of people doing the best they could.

Man who goes searching for trouble always finds it.

Man who doesn't keep his eyes open won't get to see his own death coming.

A moving target is hard to hit.

Best time for successful agression against an unknown enemy is during the first five seconds of an encounter.

Sleep light and walk careful.

Living is taking care.

Talk always beats shooting, but if talking doesn't work, the only thing left is shooting.

As long as you expect trouble, you'll never be disappointed, and you'll never be taken by surprise.

In a unarmed fight, If you can't get safe away, try to get in close.

Patients is the greatest virtue, but a man who waits too long is likely to get himself chilled.

Being combat honed only lasts a day or so, then everyone begins to lose their sharpness.

An hour of planning is worth a minute of action

Life usually comes down to two choices. The bad one and the other one.

When it's time to move, the bredth of a human hair can make the difference between life and death.

There is plenty of time for you to worry about things that you can understand and control without bothering with anything else.

You can't trust anyone. Not a soul, but you especially can't trust kids and animals.

You don't fire off both barrels of a 12 gauge to chill a fly.

A man who wouldn't face facts is a man who wouldn't face up to living.

Action without thought can be time totally wasted. If you have time to think, then do it.

A man who says he doesn't need help is already beyond help.

The best ace on the line plan is the one the enemy least expected.

An enemy alive meant always checking shadows.

A man who rushes in gets himself carried out.

A man who came to talk, talks. A man who came to shoot, shoots.

Posthumous revenge is better than no revenge at all.

The more you want something, the faster common sense and reason flew out the door.

Keep on trying until something better comes along.

In any situation your likely to run into three options. Run, fight or hide.

There's no point in wondering where the bullet has gone until you pulled the trigger.

There are times that you have to play the game by the other man's rules.

Trust is something that you don't ever share with anyone else.

Time you feel the safest is the time of the greatest danger.

If you can run, you run, but if you can't run, you stand and fight.

Not many animals will fight once their heart is cut out.

A man who rests his life on a probably usually doesn't get much older.

There is no point in knowing the names of something that you couldn't eat.

When dealing with someone holding a shotgun, your best, usually your only option is to go low.

The best surprise is no surprise.

Find yourself in a whole, get yourself out of it.

He who doesn't fight but runs away lives to fight another day.

If you ever eat with men like Wolfram or Magus, make sure you use a long spoon.

Coincidence is just a well hidden plot.

Only take chances when you have no choice.

A man who moves too slow gets dead, but the opposite can also be true.

When you got no choice, it makes things a shit load easier as you don't have to worry about the decision.

Expectation is a sword that can cut both ways.

Most plans look great when you make them, but end up looking terrible after you tried to pull them off.

Worry about what you haven't done and you'll find yourself lying on your back with the rain beating on your eyes.

Always keep your eyes over your shoulder looking for an enemy so when you look up one day and see him, you won't be surprised.

Ain't no virtue in hoping for the best when the worst is on it's way.

A man could live his entire life in the Deathlands looking at what there is to see and never see it all. As soon as the man passed by mutie genes tickled by the radioactive wind would kick in and make up something new.

No matter how many beers you drink you can only take one piss at a time.

A man always has a choice. He can live, or he can die.

Be careful what you wish for, because you'll be bastard sorry once you get it.

A man with a long history is a walking corpse.

A man who has bad sight doesn't have much of a chance when it comes to staying alive in the Deathlands. Gets him and those around him chilled in a triple hurry.

Like a good hunting knife, trust cuts both ways.

Before a man learned to see the honest emotion in a lovers eyes, he had to learn to spot the greed in a man's eyes who was about to cut a deal.

Surgar coated shit is still shit.

Calm water covers everything, even a man drowing in it.

A man who doesn't know where his next meal is coming from shouldn't be shy about bellying up to a table that was offered.

A man who lives long enough and slows down in his life is going to have a lot of regrets.

A man working without enough sleep is a man aiming to take a dirt nap.

You start counting off possibilites before you see what you can do you might as well stay at home and put a bullet in your brain.

Its up to the person on how big a foot print they want to leave when they step out of this life.

You never clean up shit unless you have already trodden in it.

An ounce of warning is worth a ton of regret.

Never play a game of cards with a man named Doc and never eat at a place called Mom's.

Tell someone what you have to but never a word more.

If you've come to talk, then talk. If you've come to shoot, well....

He who shoots last shoots finest.

Better late trying to save somebody than early to your own lynching. 

A man who feels his honor or courage has been questioned will stick a shiv in a man's back just to try and convince himself he's immortal again.

If a man's business extended much past his nose he often found himself over his head really sudden like. 


At least one person per war wag is to be an expert in some skill, be it navigation, survival, mechanics, etc. They are responsible to teach their skills to the others.

A dead mans possessions are to be divided up among the survivors.

Always post a sentry, no matter how safe thing seem.

To avoid arousing suspicion, take people you trust, pass a messaged on, one person at a time. That way there is never a bunch of people sitting around together.

Only split up your forces when you have to. Half your men and you got half your power.

Condition Green. Little sign of danger, but you still never let your guard down.

Always keep your blasters fully charged whenever you can, because you never know when you will get a chance to reload.

All dead members are to be retrieved from a firefight as long as it is relatively risk free.

Save yourself first and foremost. Then and only then, should you worry about trying to save a comrade.

In an unknown or new area, stand and listen for several seconds. It could very well keep you breathing.

Though shalt cover thy neighbours ass.

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