Alien Specter

Though the devastation of the nukecaust has long passed, the unseen force that rules the earth's grim destiny watches over the polarized world of garrisoned cities and lawless outlands. Once an enforcer of the new order, Kane is a renegade who has uncovered humanity's dark secrets. Operating from the hellzones of the new America, his quest to stop the conspiracy ensnaring mankind endures....

Primal Instinct

What was supposed to be the seat of power after the nuclear holocaust, the Anthill, a vast instillation inside Mount Rushmore, is still a rich source of technological marvels - and a new power base of destruction. Suspecting a trap, Kane and his fellow exiles venture to this hot spot via mat-trans to face an army of bioengineered monstrosities, a secret weapon and an old enemy conspiring to jump start the second wave of the Armageddon.

In the Outlands, the battle to reclaim the future has begun

First Printing: December 1999

Total Pages: 346

Written By: Classified

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