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Welcome to my experimental Chat Room. A few simple rules must be followed before you are allowed in.

1. NO foul Language for starters.

2. If you use a handle, you are not allowed to use any of the Character names from the series.

3. No spamming allowed.

4. If you do not follow these rules, you will not be allowed to chat here.

5. Flames will not be tolerated.

Finally, I will be stopping in to chat usually around six PM Mountain Standard Time (Mountain Daylight Time) +7 GMT During the weekdays. If anyone wishes to speak to me real time, just send me a private Email and let me know what time you would like to talk, and I will reply to your message, and, if I can I will show up at the time you requested.

Write to me: I usually reply to all mail within 24 hours.

Ok, since quite a few people have been having trouble using my JAVA based chat room (below).  So, instead here is a new chat room. I hope that everyone can use it now. The only thing is you have to register a user nick name and password. But that shouldn't be a problem. Enter the Chat Room.


Created on 08/03/97

Updated on 09/12/00

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