As the twenty - second century emerges from the blight of nuclear damnation, humanity is slowly coming to terms with the bizarre new world of Deathlands, where each new generation holds the promise of renewal and redemption -- in men like Ryan Cawdor and his son, Dean.

Home Sweet Hell

Ryan Cawdor and companions emerge from a gateway into the ravaged world of the Rockies. It's old hunting grounds for Ryan and the Titan haired Krysty Wroth -- her home, and the place where they first came together. Here Ryan has an unsettling choice to make, and Krsyty a debt to pay. But her Mother Sonja may be long gone, and the past becomes a trap as they press toward Harmony, a marauding gang hard on their trail.

Hope died in the Deathlands, but the will to live goes on.

First Printing: Februrary 1996

Total Pages: 349

Written By: Laurence James

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