Chris Van Deelen

The nighttime Iowa landscape is bathed in the pale glowing light from the full moon. Even the deepest shadows of the forest have lessened, taking away the ever present sense of danger that permeates the Deathlands.

Just off the highway lies an old rest area, about fifty miles to the west of what used to be Dubuque. The only thing still standing after all this time is the small open building where people would stop and eat picnics. There must have been untold thousands of similar sites along the highways and byways of the old United States. Parked outside of this small building is a battered wag of dubious origins. It may have started life as a Intrepid, but it has been repaired and rebuilt so many times over the past century that it could easily have parts from as many as two dozen different brands.

Smoke curls into the cool night sky and the building interior is bathed in a cherry, warm glow. Four people sit around the fire, cooking a deer that they killed just before sunset. Two are female, one obviously a mutant, her exotic eyes positively glowing in the firelight. The other is a tiny but well developed woman with midnight black hair and dark skin. The other two sit opposite to the females. The first is a huge man, standing a few inches over six feet and topping the scale at two twenty. His once handsome features marred by a pattern of jagged scars. The other man, slightly smaller, but barrel chested sits next to him. The man's green eyes glow like emeralds in the firelight as he slowly turns a haunch of deer meat over the fire.

Unbeknownst to the small group of friends, they are being watched by a pair of eye, one animal, the other semi human.

* * *

"Mmmmm… That smells wonderful!" Gitana says, breathing in deeply the delicious aroma of the slowly cooking meat. "How much longer until it's done?"

"Depends." Joe gives her his trademark boyish grin. "How well do you want it? Raw, medium, well done? The outside of the meat is nicely done, but the inside will be pretty much raw."

"I'll take it medium…" Both Gitana and Maverick say at the same time. The four friends laugh, breaking the uneasy silence. The past week has been rather harried for the four. After breaking out of the slaver camp they have spent nearly the entire time on the road, putting as much distance between themselves and the slavers as possible. To be on the safe side they have skirted the few villes and isolated homesteads. If they're not seen, then the slavers can't learn where they have passed. But, even now the supply of gasoline they found stored in plastic jerry cans in the trunk have reached their limit. They're going to have to trade or steal more. If they don't the road to California is going to be a hell of a lot longer.

"I'll take mine well done." Ged pipes up quietly, holding out her plate. Joe simply cuts off a large chunk for himself and digs in. Maverick and Gitana meet gazes across the fire. Turning away quickly, Maverick reaches out with the Gerber blade and slices off a piece of the well-cooked flesh, exposing the pink, bleeding meat below. He passes the portion to Gitana who then passes it to Ged. With a deft flick of his wrist, he cuts of another portion, the blood and melted fat sizzling on the red hot coals below.

With the grace of a dancer Gitana rises from the dirt covered floor and moves to sit next to the scarred man. He places the cooked flesh on her plate and is about to turn away to get his own meal when she gently grabs his wrist. "Brett?"

Ged and Joe exchange knowing glances, smiling to each other.

"What’s up?"

She sidles up closer, her small compact from nearly touching his. "Why have you been avoiding me?"

"What?" He turns, his face displaying the surprise her question brought on. "I haven’t been avoiding you. What are you talking about?"

She laughs lightly and caresses his face with her hand. "Brett, every time we've been alone, you've come up with some excuse to get away from me." She smiles and deepens her voice, trying to imitate his. "Sorry Gitana, gotta fuel the car. Don't have the time, got to check the engine. Later Gitana, need to take a piss."

He doesn't meet her amber eyes, knowing what she said to be true. He has been avoiding her, though he doesn't know why. It's not that he's afraid of her. Hell, he can't think of a single person that he is afraid of. Fear is not part of his nature.

He sighs, deep and long. "Look, now is not the time for this."

"Well, when will the time come? An hour from now, a day, a week, ever?" Her voice remains soft and calm, no trace of anger.

He stands up, pulling away from her. "I don't know Gitana. I really don't." Shrugging he steps away and picks up his SPAS 15 and heads out of the ancient shelter into the night. "I'm going to walk the perimeter. I'll be back in a couple of hours.

The three companions watch him stalk off towards the surrounding forest. Joe simply goes back to his meal, ignoring the two women. Gitana moves to stand up when Ged raises her talons to stop her. "Gitana, let him go. He needs to be alone."

"How do you know that? You've known him only a week longer than I have." Gitana replies, half way between sitting and standing.

"I know more about the man than you realize. For example, did you know how uncomfortable he is around you?" She takes a bite out of her meat.

Gitana sits down heavily, hardly able to believe what she is hearing. "Brett is uncomfortable around me?" She says, unbelieving.

Ged Nods her head and swallows. "Very. From what I have learned, he's not good around women, especially those who he's attracted to." She places the plate down on the floor and shifts position, trying to make herself more comfortable.

All the while Joe hasn't said a word. He's just been eating his food and occasionally turns the haunch. He looks up and smiles briefly at the two women. "Hey, don't look at me. I know as much as you do Gitana."

Gitana crosses her arms and tries to look stern. "Well Joe, I seriously doubt that. You and him have been spending a lot of your free time talking, so you don't honestly expect me to believe that, do you?"

"Actually, I do." He shrugs and takes another bite.

"Alright Joe, what have you and Brett been talking about then?" Ged says as she stands up, having finished her meal. She walks over to the side of the building and uses water from her canteen to clean the plate off.

"Simple. Guard duty, weapons, the local villes, where to trade for gas. His time with Trader and the war wags."

The two women glance at each other, not sure if he's lying or not. Why would he want to lie? How would it benefit him? Could it be true that he really doesn't know that much about their reluctant but undisputed leader?

"Gitana, he really is uncomfortable around you. That much I am sure." Ged's mind races back down the corridors of her memory to some of the long talks they had over the first week they were together. He confided in her that he always was uneasy around women. That the extents of his experience with the members of the gentler sex were choked up to nothing more than hot fucks with some of the women he rode with, or the occasional high priced gaudy slut in the richer baronies. She tells Gitana as much.

The smaller woman sits back and absorbs everything she's been told. How is it that such a man as Brett could be uneasy around women? He's a man of honor, and willing to risk his own life to help others. After all, he did try to rescue her from the slavers. She shudders at the memory, the pain of the rape nearly healed. Could it be that he's self conscious of his scarring? She has seen much worse over the years. Every man, woman, and child in the Deathlands carries scars of one form or another, be it physical, emotional, or both. Personally, she finds that scars are quite attractive, showing how someone was able to fight back from the brink of the dark river.

"So, how come he's not uncomfortable around you then?" She nearly adds is it because you’re a mutie, but thinks twice. Over the past week she has grown to like the strange young mutant woman, very much as a matter of fact. And saying that would hurt her feelings. For someone who can be so dangerous in a fight, the little girl trapped inside a woman's body can be quite open and friendly, and it would break her heart to be called that by someone who she considers to be a friend. Ged is rapidly becoming the little sister she never had.

"Because he thinks of himself as a big brother, or possibly a father figure. I know that he is attracted to me, but I believe he could never get past the fact that I am only seven years old deep down inside."

Gitana nods her head, understanding dawning. That could be the case. She knows the full story behind Ged, how she was trawled from the future into the past, years before the skydark occurred, and how that a young whitecoat saved her life by placing her into cryogenic suspension, only to be awakened by Maverick nearly one hundred years later.

She rises to her feet, stretching to her full height of five foot three. "I gotta go. Nature calls." She picks up the AR 15 carbine and shoulders it. "I'll see you in a little while. If Brett comes back, tell him I won't be long." She hops over the short wall and walks towards the forest, roughly in the same direction Maverick went.

Ged watches her walk away then turns and grins at Joe. He smiles back and offers her his canteen of water. They both turn towards the direction Gitana is walking and wait until she's out of ear shot. Unable to contain herself any longer, Ged bursts out laughing, delighted to hear Joe join in with his deep, hearty laugh. They both know exactly what Gitana has in mind, and it has nothing to do with answering the call of nature.

"She's going to talk to him." She stammers out between fits of laughter.

"Yup." Answers Joe as he pulls the meat off the fire and begins to slice it up for the next days meal.

* * *

Two figures slink through the dark forest, using the shadows to their full advantage. One of the figures is travelling on all fours, it's long sleek body rippling with power. It stops and sniffs at the air, it's whiskers twitching. The big animal turns its head and growls softly.

The other figure, this one on two legs reaches over and scratches the big cat under the chin. "Yesss, I smell it. Norms, burning blood meat." The speaker hisses through elongated canines. She is a young female, in her late teens to early twenties. Her emerald green eyes, flecked with specks of gold, look deep into the golden orbs of the cougar.

The young woman isn't quite human. At first glance, she could pass as a human quite well, but when you look closer, her mutant heritage becomes more noticeable. She stands at five foot seven and weighs in at a muscular one forty. Her shaggy mane of seal brown hair flows around her shoulders some sections shorter than others as she hasn't had much success at trimming it with her blades. The hair does little to hide the pointed ears.

To look at her, it would be obvious that she has no sense of fashion, only what's practical. She is wearing a pair of mismatched leather boots. The right reaching up to her knee, the other to mid thigh. She wears a pair of homespun pants, and a matching shirt. Both dyed green, brown and tan, providing primitive but effective camouflage. Over the shirt she wears a soft doeskin leather jacket. Beneath it all her well-shaped form is concealed by a midnight black body suit she found years before in the ruins of predark dance studio.

Resting in homemade sheaths on either side of her hips are a pair of large bowie knives, her only weapons. Both are in immaculate condition, and kept razor sharp. A whisper of metal on leather can be heard as she slides one of the blades out from it's sheath.

Placing a hand on the cougar's neck, they both stop and stand still, neither moving a muscle. She cocks her head slightly towards the direction of the norms camp and listens, making out nearly every word spoken even though they are approximately half a mile away. As she listens, she hears four distinct voices, two males, and two females.

The young mutant has spent most of her life alone, her only companion the six-year-old cougar beside her. But norms have always been somewhat of a mystery to her, and she has taken every chance she could to listen in on them and study them. If she had parents, she can't recall if they were human or mutant.

She creeps towards the norm encampment, using her hyperactive senses and superior stealth skill to keep the norms from spotting her, even if they have posted a sentry. Few people, with the exception of those she has allowed, have ever seen her. Not many of those have lived to tell about it. .

Minutes tick by and she finds herself within one hundred yards of the norm encampment. The smell of roasting deer meat sends pangs of hunger creeping through her stomach. She does prefer her meat raw and uncooked, but will take whatever is available. It has been nearly a full day since she has eaten. Crouching down beside the big cougar she hugs it close, whispering into its ear. "I'll take some of the meat once the norms sleep. Tonight, they feed us." She then closes her green eyes and opens her mind to the cat, allowing the beasts hunger and excitement to flow into her.

It’s the one thing that sets her apart from the rest of the norms and mutants. She can 'feel' the emotions of animals, and show them her own. There hasn't been a single time where she has ever come under attack, be it a normal animal like her cougar friend, or a mutant animal. Over time, she has found that she can even 'feel' the emotions of more primitive humans and mutants. The closer to animals they are, the easier it is for her to 'feel' them.

From where she is sitting she can smell the norms. That is one of the reasons she has stayed away from norms. They just don't smell good to her. Not clean and natural like the animals. She crinkles her button nose, suppressing a sneeze. At least they don't smell like the suckered fingered mutants. They have to smell the worst of all!

She watches as one of the norms, a large male leaves the building and walks towards the forest, in the same general direction she and the cougar are hiding in. Taking the cougars head in both her hands, she leans forward until her forehead rests on its. She opens her mind and sends the general impression for the cat to go away, and not to hurt the norms unless they try to hurt either of them.

The cougar meows once, indicating that it understands what she wants. It rubs its long sleek body against her hip and pads off into the dark forest, quickly disappearing. The young mutant hunkers down behind a bush, watching carefully as the large male approaches.

* * *

Fuck Maverick your such a fireblasted triple stupe! Why the hell have you been avoiding her? She's a beautiful woman, intelligent, tough, and it seems that she might even like you! Maverick stops and leans up against the trunk of a tree, the rough bark digging into his back. He sighs heavily and looks up into the clear night sky, the stars shining down like diamonds against a pitch-black backdrop. Why then, have you been avoiding her?

Stepping away from the tree, he brushes past a large bush, un-aware of the gold speckled emerald orbs studying him, less than a yard away. He picks his way onto a deer trail, not even bothering to think about where he's going. As he walks, he's barely aware of time passing. But it isn't long before he stumbles upon a small clearing beside a tiny pool, fed by a stream. Several moss covered trees lie scattered about, as well as the remains of a old, old fire-pit. Three long strides covers the distance and he sits down on one of the logs. Shrugging off the SPAS 15 he places it beside him, within easy reach.

For the next several minutes he struggles with himself, trying to come up with a good explanation on why he's been avoiding the woman. He's not afraid of her, not at all. He fears no man, or woman for that matter. He knows that he's never been good around women, well, except for Hunaker, but then again, she took who and what she wanted, be it man or woman. He smiles and feels a familiar tingling in his groin as the memory of her powerful naked body rushes to his minds eye. How she growled and grunted, grinding her hips into his groin, taking him fully. She had to be the most violent fuck he's ever had, but at the same time, it was one of the most memorable times of his life.

His head snaps up as he hears someone approaching the clearing. The combat shotgun already in his grip and aimed in the general direction the sound came from. "Who's there?" He calls out in a low voice.

A small figure is silhouetted against the trees. A small and very feminine figure. "Hi Brett, its just me." She steps into the clearing. "Mind aiming the blaster somewhere else?"

Maverick drops the barrel of the weapon so that it's pointed at the ground. "Hi yourself Gitana. What are you doing here? Why did you follow me?" Inwardly he winces at the harshness in his voice.

The tiny woman steps right into the clearing and up to him. Without warning, she wraps her arms around his narrow waist and hugs him tightly, burying her face in his broad chest. "I'm here to talk about us Brett." She answers, her voice muffled by his jacket.

"Urrr…." Is all he can say, he's so stunned by her directness. His senses are filled with her, her powerful feminine musk nearly overwhelming. He feels himself becoming aroused, despite the fact that he tries to fight it.

Smiling, she rubs her hip against his groin. "Your happy to see me as well." She laughs lightly. "Come, Amante, don't fight it. You know you want to make love to me, as much as I want to love you."

He takes her shoulders in his hands and gently, but firmly pushes her away. "Gitana, you don't need to do this. I don't expect you to. I rescued you because it was the right thing to do." He shudders inwardly, unable to bring himself to telling her the truth. "I didn't try to get you away from the slavers so I could fuck you. Not the way I do things."

"Brett, you’re a good man. You really are. I can sense it deep down in your heart. The fact that you've taken Ged under your wing as her protector speaks volumes." She smiles gently and takes his face in her small, soft hands. "I want to make love to you because of that, not because you rescued me and that I feel obligated." She traces the three two inch scars on his cheek, lightly brushing them with her finger tips, then crosses over to brush his lips, her touch as soft as a flower petal.

His mind reels, barely able to contain his desire for the beauty before him. Her very touch sends shivers of sensual electricity through his entire body. He opens his eyes, drinking in her dark skinned face, the curves of her hips, the soft swell of her breasts, pushing against the thin material of her shirt. He pulls away and shakes his head violently, trying to clear it. His voice deep and husky, he tries to put to words what he is thinking. "Gitana… I… Its just that…. Fireblast! It just doesn't seem right." He takes a deep, ragged breath, trying to calm himself. "Besides, its been well over a year since I had sex."

"Brett, you have to be one of the most stubborn men I have ever met." Gitana laughs lightly, closing the distance between the two of them once again.

Yeah, Maverick answers silently. That or the biggest triple stupe that ever walked the face of the Deathlands.

She slips her jacket off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. "Amante, my people are a very sensual people. We believe in sharing our bodies and souls with those we care about. And Brett, I know we've only known each other for a week, but I care for you deeply. Not for your attempt to help me, that’s only a small part of it. But because of your selfless act of helping Ged get home. I want you Brett, but I want you freely. I won't force you to. I'd never do that.

"Yes." His reply is so low she almost doesn't hear it.

She takes him in her arms, pulling his face down to her own. She kisses him lightly at first, waiting for him to respond. And respond he does. He opens his lips slightly, allowing her to probe his mouth with her tongue, tasting her desire.

Both are totally unaware of the two pairs of eyes, one emerald green and one golden, watching them from the surrounding trees.

* * *

The young mutant woman sat as still as a rock as the large male norm stood next to a tree, a mere three feet from her position. She crinkled her nose at the strong odor emanating from the males form, a mixture of sweat, pheromones, smoke and other, unidentifiable scents. She knows that the male cannot see or hear her, and doesn't have to wait long before he leaves. She follows, simply out of curiosity. Her hunger momentarily forgotten. It isn't long before he stumbles upon a small clearing and sits down.

She crouches just on the outside of the clearing, studying the large man. Nothing all that spectacular about this one. Well, with the exception of his markings. She has rarely seen anyone with as many marks as this particular human. She wonders if it could be some sort of tribal thing.

A familiar feather light touch brushes her mind. She turns slightly as her cougar companion pads up and lies down next to her, its golden eyes never drifting from the male. The cougar rubs its chin against her leg, purring softly. Without thinking she begins to scratch the big cat behind the ear, in that one particular spot that always seems to have bothered it.

How much time passes, the young woman doesn’t know. But suddenly the cougar looks up and behind them. She can sense that it feels another norm is near by. Seconds later her sensitive hearing picks up the sound of a human approaching. Compared to her and most other animals, these norms crash through the brush. It’s a wonder that they ever catch any food! Nearly sixty heartbeats pass before the male makes any indication that he hears the approaching norm.

Without her needing to tell it, the cougar rises and pads silently away. She knows that it will take up position directly opposite of her, just in case something goes wrong.

As she waits, the other norm stops at the edge of the clearing. She listens as they speak to one another. As she watches, the female steps up to the male and enfolds him in her arms. She nearly laughs out loud at the size difference between the two humans. The female is small, and compact, while the male is a full head taller, and far bulkier than the female. A strange odor waifs her way. It’s an odor she vaguely recognizes, but just can't place.

She listens in as the two humans talk. She has a hard time understand what they say, as some of the terms are unfamiliar to her. Love? What's that? How do you make love? What is a Ged? And sex, what in the Deathlands is that? And why does the male human seem to be ashamed about not having it during a full turn of the seasons?

Her eyes widen as the female takes the males face and touches her lips to his. What are they doing? I've never seen that before. She creeps closer towards the edge of the clearing. The male opens his mouth slightly. Ah! So that's it! He's feeding her. But she looks to be too old to be a cub, so why would she want to be fed like that?

* * *

They kiss non-stop for nearly five minutes, hands roaming over one another's bodies freely. Finally Gitana pulls away, her face flushed with desire and excitement. "Rad fire, that was good Brett." Her amber eyes never leaving his, she slowly sinks to her knees

He closes his eyes, his heart and head racing at warp speeds. All rational thought gone. All that is left is pure, animal desire. He feels her undo his pants, exposing his rock hard member. A groan of unbridled pleasure passes his lips as he feels a wonderful hot moistness engulf him, sliding up and down, the tongue teasing the tip of his member.

"Gitana… Stop, please… I can't… control it…." He groans and takes her head in his hands, trying to pull her off.

She pulls away, the cool night air washing over his member. "Go ahead Brett. We have all night." Before he is able to protest, she takes him in her mouth once again, sliding him in and out slowly at first, but increasing the speed to match the time of his breathing. Suddenly, he shudders and explodes, filling her mouth with his seed. She continues to suck up and down his shaft, draining every last drop. She pulls away, wiping her mouth clean. "Mmm… Was that nice Amante?"

He simply nods his head, unable to speak.

She undoes her pants and slides them off, revealing thin white cotton panties that do nothing to hide the dark mass of pubic hair at the junction of her thighs. Carefully she lowers herself onto a log, spreading her legs slightly. She gazes up into Mavericks eyes, as she hooks her thumbs in the waistband and slowly, teasingly slides them off, letting them fall. She spreads her legs wider, revealing her sex to him. In a deep, sensual voice, she speaks. "My turn Amante."

Without hesitation, he drops to his knees and dives right in, all conscious thought cut off as her musk fills his senses. Like a man dying of dehydration coming upon a pond of the purest water, he laps up her hot, sweet fluids, carefully inserting a finger into her sheath, feeling as the muscle contract around it. Gitana throws her head back and moans in pleasure.

* * *

The mutant woman watches as the humans break apart. The strange odor has gotten stronger and she can feel unusual stirrings deep down in her belly and groin, the kind of stirrings that only occur deep in the night, when her mind is taken over by such strange and dis- remembered dreams. Ah, He must be done feeding her. I guess these humans are not that different than animals after all.

She leans forward as the female gets on its knees before the male and undoes its pants, revealing the biggest member she has ever seen in her life! She gasps at the sheer size of it and how straight it is standing. She has on the occasion glimpsed other human males as they relieved themselves, but no one had a member that was like that. Could the male be a mutant and not a norm?

She covers her mouth to stifle a giggle as the female begins to wash the males member with her mouth and tongue. These norms are such stupes. Why don't they simply go to the stream and was there? That is such a poor way to clean.

Hmm… Is the male in pain? He's groaning! The female increases her movements so that they match his breathing. Oh no, she chilled him! She thinks as the male goes totally rigid, his face a contorted mask of pain. She is about to leap out and attack the female when the male opens his eyes and smiles down at her.

The woman calls him Amante. So, that’s the males name. The female then stands up and slides off her pants, revealing her petite but firm form. Something akin to jealousy washes over the young mutant woman as she stares at the human. Why she feels this way, she doesn't know or understand.

Sliding to a log, the female pulls off her undergarments and tells the male that its her turn. He gets on his hands and knees and places his face between her thighs. Yup. The young mutant thinks. They are defiantly washing each other.


* * *

She still feels the occasional sharp pain as her muscles contract around his fingers and tongue as he greedily laps up her sweet, feminine juices. He teases and rubs her sensitive nub, enjoying as she wiggles and grinds her hips into his face. He feels himself hardening once again, nearly ready to go at It a second time.

She moans and thrusts her hips harder and harder, nearly coming to an orgasm of her own. "Brett.." She pants. "Oh Rad fire, that is so fucking good!" She leans back, arching her hips as he slides his tongue deep inside her sheath. "Ohhh….." Her whole body shudders as the orgasm hits her like a tidal wave. "Mmmm….Mmmmm…..Mmmmm….."

He waits for her to finish and finally pulls away. Climbing up her form until he's looking down at her. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him down, kissing his fluid covered lips and chin, gently nipping here and there, tracing the scars with her tongue.

"You taste triple good Gitana." He crushes her mouth with his, tasting her all over again. He feels himself nearly at diamond hardness again, just about ready for round two.

Pulling himself away, he slips out of his jacket, then slides off his gray T-shirt, revealing his heavily muscled chest. Gitana slides off her own shirt, becoming fully naked. He stops in mid movement and simply stares, his eyes drinking in every line, every curve of her beautiful, dusky skin. "Dark night! Your more than I had hoped for…." He kicks off his boots and nearly tears off his pants, his desire to feel her hot flesh next to his so strong.

She holds out her hand to him. Taking it he lifts her to her feet, her weight nothing to him. She allows her hands to wander over his naked form, tracing every scar, her eyes asking the silent question on how he got each one. He doesn't answer, to wrapped up in the primal pleasure he feels. With incredible gentleness she takes his nipple in her mouth and licks it, teasing it so carefully, all the while taking his manhood in her hands, firmly rubbing up and down the entire shaft. She moves over to his left peck and stops. Looking up into his eyes she sees he has no objection. She traces the jagged tear where his left nipple used to be. She slowly encircles the tender flesh, bringing Goosebumps up all over his arms and shoulders. Letting go of his member, she follows the path of the scar leading from where the nipple used to be all the way up to his neck.

He lets her have her way with him, never objecting to her gentle ministries. It isn’t long before his desire to pleasure kicks in. Kneeling, he wraps his arms around her hips. He explores every inch of her tanned flesh, leaving no a single inch untouched. Unlike him, she has no scars, save three half inch wide by four-inch long scars on both of her upper arms. He lingers at her ample breasts, bringing her passion to near eruption.


* * *

It looks like she's enjoying herself! Or is she fighting him? Look at the way she is bucking her hips against his face. Stupe norm, he should be a little easier on her while washing that part of her. I know how touchy that part is. She rubs herself, enjoying the sensation, but still not understanding why he is doing that to her. She pulls her hand away, feeling the strange, but pleasant sensation grow stronger.

As the woman moans louder and bucks her hips harder, the young mutant draws her blades without thinking. She has never liked the way human males treated females, and is more than willing to kill the male if he harms the female. But, as she watches he pulls away from her and goes to feed her again! She closes her eyes, shaking her head in disbelief. Washing and eating at the same time. They should do one or the other, not both.

The two humans quickly strip off the rest of their clothing, exposing themselves to the elements. This time she is unable to suppress a gasp when she sees the marks on his body. Oh… How did he live? How could any norm live with that many markings? She watches as the female licks his body, concentrating on his belly and chest.

How much of a stupe is that female? She should concentrate on his entire body, not just a small part of it. She shakes her head.

It isn't long before the male starts to lick the female's body. Unlike the female, he covers every inch of her small form. Ah, the male isn't a stupe after all. He knows proper cleaning!

* * *

"Brett, I want you inside me. Please, now!" Gitana pants. She lifts her leg and wraps it around his thigh, pulling herself up his solid form, rubbing his shaft along the moist lips of her sex, coating it in her juices.

He grabs her leg, then with his free hand, reaches around and grabs her firm ass. With no effort he pulls her up, impaling her on his shaft. Her eyes fly open, and a scream of unleashed passion tears free from her lungs, breaking the silence of the forest. "Oh, fucking Rad fire, yes!" She wraps her legs around his waist and pulls herself up and down his manhood, contracting her inner muscle, milking his shaft for everything she can. "Oh, god, Brett. Oh, Rad fire! Ummm…Ummm….." She screams again, her pleasure and passion finally allowed to run free.


* * *

The young mutant woman watches in amazement as the female lifts up her leg and tries to climb the male. She watches as he helps her. The female gasps as she wraps her legs around his hips. From the angle the mutant is watching, she can clearly see that the male has stabbed the female with his mutant member! She struggles against him, trying to pull herself off, but the male keeps pulling her down, stabbing her time and again!

All right, that's it. She stands up from her hiding place and pulls out the twin knives and rushes into the clearing. "Quit hurting the female now norm, or I'll chill you where you ssstand." She growls throatily as she approaches the couple.

The male and female scream and she falls off, going for her blaster, the male, his mutant member glistening in the moonlight. He dives for his huge blaster just as her cougar companion bursts out of the brush opposite her. As he rolls on the ground he triggers the SPAS 15 shotgun, missing the big cat by inches, making it roar in fear and rage.

The female raises her blaster carbine and aims it at the mutant woman, squeezing off a three round burst, but missing as the young mutant dodges deftly to the side.

The cougar lashes out with its paw, knocking the SPAS 15 out of Mavericks hands, sending it crashing into a tree. Being weaponless doesn't stop the naked man for a second. With speed that belies his size, he leaps at the cougar, landing six solid hits across its face and neck, rocking the cat's world, stunning it. Maverick doesn't relent for a second. He leaps, landing on the cats back, pinning it to the forest floor while slipping his hands under the cougars forelegs and interlocks his fingers behind its neck. He applies pressure in an attempt to snap the cat's neck.

"No! Wait, don't hurt her!" Screams the young mutant, the terror and fear lacing every word. She races past the woman with the blaster carbine, held high, ready to drive them deep into the man's back if he chills her only friend.

Gitana climbs to her feet, the barrel aimed at the small of the mutant woman's back. Even in the poor light, at such a short range it would be nearly impossible to miss. She flicks the selector from burst to single shot, not wanting to risk hitting Maverick. Her finger whitens on the trigger, but the last statement made by the intruder makes her pause.

The cougar beneath Maverick regains its senses and begins to struggle against its attacker like the wildcat it is. Who boy! Maverick thinks. I've really gone and done something triple stupe this time! The big cougar's natural strength prevents Maverick from snapping its neck, but it can't break free, and can't get at him. If he lets go, he knows that he's in for a world of hurt.

"Human, let her go!" The mutant woman pleads, standing only a yard away from the two struggling figures.

"Not…" Grunt. "On your fucking…" Yipe! "Life, Outlander." Roar! "I let go, this fucker chills me, then Gitana chills you."

"Move a rad fire muscle outlander, and I'll send you to buy the farm." Gitana states in an oddly calm voice. She keeps her distance though, not wanting to get close enough for the mutant woman to attack her. She nearly pulls the trigger when the mutant woman lowers her head, and reaches out with her hand, pointing directly at the struggling figures. "What the fuck are you doing?" She growls, her eyes narrowing.

Suddenly, the cougar goes limp, not unconscious limp, but non-struggling limp. It takes Maverick by total surprise and he loses his grip, falling off the big cougar. "Fireblast!" He scrambles away on all fours, grabbing for his shotgun.

Both Maverick and Gitana stare dumbfounded at the spectacle they just witnessed. The girl must be some sort of mutie, they both think at the same time. Neither, in all their travels in the Deathlands has ever encountered someone who could do what she just did. But if she's not a mutie, she has unbelievable control over the cougar.

The cougar gets off the ground and pads over to the female, who gets on her knees and hugs it, touching her forehead to its. The silence in the small clearing is deafening, as no one makes any attempt to speak. The cougar meows softly and licks the females face, then turns and glowers, ear flat at Maverick.

Gitana finally speaks up, breaking the silence. "Ok girl. Why the fuck did you attack us? Make it good, or I'll chill both of you where you stand." The carbine never wavers from the two targets, and she makes no attempt to cover her nakedness.

The mutant woman doesn't bother to look at her. She buries her face in the cougar's neck, as it wraps one paw around her shoulder. "I thought that the male was chilling you. I saw the way he was ssssstabbing you with his mutie thing."

"Stabbing me?" Her mouth drops open as Maverick does a double take. Next thing she knows, she's laughing nearly uncontrollably, the barrel of the carbine pointed at the forest floor, not at the cougar and young woman. "Rad Fire girl, haven't you ever made love to a man before?"

As angry as he feels towards the intruders, Maverick can't help himself and starts to smile. He gets off the ground, still holding the shotgun, ready to pull the trigger at the first sign of danger from either of the intruders.

"That's what making love is?" She inquires, her face strictly neutral as she turns to face the laughing woman. "I thought that you were in pain!"

Gitana wipes her face with the back of her hand, tears flowing freely, as she is laughing so hard.

"She wasn't hurting you moron. She was enjoying it!" Maverick snaps, the anger starting to re-assert itself. He walks past the two intruders, eyes watching both carefully as he bends down to grab Gitana's discarded clothing, all thoughts of sexual pleasure long gone from his mind. "Gitana, get dressed while I cover these two."

Still giggling, she grabs her clothing and dresses. At the same time, Maverick can hear the sounds of someone approaching the small clearing. When Gitana finishes he grabs his own clothing and dresses quickly. "Ok now what do we do about them? I figure chill then and get it over with."

Gitana places her hand on the barrel of the shotgun, forcing it down. "No Amante. She didn't mean any harm. Let her and the cougar go. No need to chill them Wasted round."

Joe and Ged rush into the clearing, weapons drawn and aimed at the young female mutant and her cat. "We heard shots, you two ok?"

Yeah, we're fine. We just had an 'unexpected' visitor," He answers, nodding his head towards the female and the cougar. "She thought that we were fighting, and decided to bring it upon herself to end it."

The young mutant woman turns to regard the two new arrivals. They are the one's she saw earlier at the campsite. The other woman doesn't smell too bad to her, but then again, she too is a mutant, and its far more obvious than her own mutant heritage. She's holding a huge blaster in her small fist, the long tail swishing back and forth.

She looks over the male. He's definitely not as big as the other male, but exudes an inner power none the less. He has a strange bag hanging from his neck, not at all unlike those she's seen carried by some of the Indians she's encountered over the years. He has a broad open face with laughter lines around his eyes and mouth. Unlike the other two norms, this one doesn't smell bad, not bad at all.

"Hey Joe, Ged. Thanks for getting here. But everything is fine now." He looks over at the female and her cat. "Go on, fuck off outlander and don't come back."

Gitana reaches towards Maverick, a unasked question on her full lips. Maverick simply looks at her and growls. "No." The word leaves no room for argument.

The young woman sheaths her Bowie blades and walks past the newcomers, pausing only for a moment to look at the male named Joe. She breathes deeply his scent, imprinting it in her mind. Why she does this, she isn't sure. Without a word she disappears into the forest.

"What was that all about?" Ged asks, noticing how rumbled and disheveled their clothing happens to be. She also notices the rank odor lingering in the clearing, but doesn't mention it. She really isn't sure what it is, but has a pretty good idea.

Maverick sits down on a log to do up his bootlaces. "Ah, the outlander thought that Gitana and I were fighting, so she decided to bring it upon herself to stop me from hurting her." He yanks the lace tight, a little frustrated he didn't get a chance to finish.

Joe walks around the perimeter of the clearing. Looking directly into Mavericks bright gray eyes, he chuckles, knowing very well what had happened. Though he is puzzled at the way the young outlander reacted to him. It was almost as if she was remembering his scent. "So, the outlander thought that you were fighting. Now, what would make her think that?" He can't keep the amusement out of his voice."

Maverick actually blushes! Gitana, drapes her arms around his waist and hugs him tight, laughing at the implications Joe is making. She answers for him. "We were getting to know each other a little better, simple as that."

"Getting to know each other in the biblical sense!" Joe laughs.

The four companions leave the clearing and head towards the roadside turn off. Maverick in the lead, glowering, but looking forward to the next time he and Gitana can get together, so they can pick up where they left off. From now on, there is no way he's going to avoid her.

* * *

She can hear the two humans talk among themselves, and knows its going to be a few minutes before they make their way to the camp. She starts to run, the cougar keeping an easy pace beside her. It isn’t long before she comes across their encampment. Without hesitation she jogs into the small building and grabs the remains of the deer. "We will eat good tonight!" She smiles happily at the cougar as the pair rush out the other side of the rest stop.


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