Historical Eventes Witnessed After Misjump

After the mission in England, after the defeat of Lord Strongbow, the four people were trapped inside his private laboratory. The only way out is that they had to use the natural gateway and Lakesh's device in order to go home.

However it didn't quite work out the way they had hoped.  The jump didn't quite succeed.  All four people found themselves transported to pivotal points in history. They couldn't interact what so ever with the events but they could witness.

There was one common event in each. They all saw a man who they later learn is Colonel Thrush.

Domi finds that she is in the Reich's Chancellery in Germany on April 30th, 1945. She is in the bunker that is occupied by Hitler and his wife Braum. She is already dead.  She watches as Hitler encounters Thrush. The dictator is ready to leave, expecting that Thrush is going to help him escape. Thrush agrees to it, not denying anything.  Hitler turns around and sees the gun. He is livid with both anger and fear, telling him that he upheld his side of the bargain to the directorate.  The man pulls out a gun and executes him. 

Thrush senses that he is being watched. He turns and faces Domi and tells her that he hope's that her curiosity has been satisfied.

Brigid is thrust back to July 12th, 1947. She is near the town of Rosewell, New Mexico.  From where she is she can see the crashed wreakage of a craft very similar to the one she saw in the Black City below the Gobi Desert. She wills her body to a tent that is set up near the crash site and watches C.W. Thrush.  The Colonel is discussing it with a high ranking officer. He demands that the crash be covered up no mater what the cost.  As with Domi, Thrush feels her presence and orders the place to be locked down before Brigid is drawn away. 

Kane discovers that he is in Texas on November 22nd 1963. She watches as John F. Kennedy's motorcade passes through Dealey Plaza in Dallas.  He spots C.W. Thrush dressed in black who is working in conjunction with the Assassin.  It is obvious that he is behind the assassination. After J.F. Kennedy is killed, Thrush spreads word that the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald is held up in the book depository.  The true assassin is already on his way to the airport. 

Last but not least Grant discovers that he is below the Soviet Embassy on January 19th, 2001. He watches as the Soviet Ambassador comes down to set the bomb that will trigger the holocaust. The ambassador is named Felix and expects that he will join his family in the Anthill complex and live out the holocaust that he is going to trigger. Thrush uses 15 milligrams of VX nerve agent and tells the ambassador that his family is already dead. The man dies in terror and Thrush personally sets the nuclear weapon's timer. As with the others, He sense's Grant's presence and lets him know his name and that there is nothing, not a hope in hell of preventing the holocaust.

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