Just after the second millennium a global nuclear war had transformed America into the Deathlands. Nothing was ever the same after that...

A Dark Shining

Deep in the Outlands in Cerberus redoubt, Kane, a renegade Magistrate from the united baronies, experiences a shocking mind probe. It imprints him with a knowledge that propels him to the other side of the world, with the archivist Brigid and brother-at-arms Grant.

In the heart of Tibet, Kane's small group of Outlanders wages a perilous quest pursuing a legend, only to discover they are not alone in their search for the Chintamani Stone. The ancient relic has the power to conduct the final assault on the earth's destiny...destroy the destroyer's themselves.

Survival in the Outlands is an encounter with the end of hope.

First Printing: December 1998

Total Pages: 347

Written By: Currently Classified

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