How Ryan Cawdor met Trader

Trader had his own security locks built into all his war wags. He was just returning to his own personal buggy which he used whenever the war wags were to big, clumsy or slow. After activating the security code he slipped inside and was about to start the vehicle up when he felt the cold metal of a handgun dig into the back of his neck. A cold, calm voice warned him that if he moved he'd have his brains splattered all over the windshield.

He warns his assailant that if that happened, he'd outlive him by about thirty seconds if he was lucky. He was told by his assailant that he heard that nothing fazes the old warrior. Trader laughs and says that yes, he's bothered at having a large calibre handgun placed against the back of his neck. He asks the intruder how he managed to get past the sec locks.

The intruder answers. Easy he says. Trader knows that it isn't simply the intruder being boastful. He was being open and honest. He then asks the man if he want's to steal the buggy. The man answers that maybe he does, but he wants to head outside and talk about it.

When they step outside Trader is able to take a good look at the man. He introduces himself as Ryan Cawdor. With his blaster aimed just below Trader's heart, he asks the man if he wants to kill him or to join.

Ryan answers. He wants to join.

And that is how Ryan Cawdor met and joined Trader and his convoy.

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