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Sex: Male

Age: 35 (as of Red Equinox)

Height: 6.2

Weight: 200 pounds

Hair Color: Black (kept short, quite curtly)

Eye Color: Blue.

Distinguishing Features: Lost left eye, scar running down right side of face.

First Appearance: Pilgrimage to hell.

Place of Birth: Front Royal Barony, Virginia January 15th 2069 or 2061 (Thanks Mr. James!)

Known Relatives: Lord Titus Cawdor (father, dead), Cynthia Cawdor (mother, dead) Morgan Cawdor (eldest brother, dead), Harvey Cawdor (second eldest brother, dead), Jabez Pendragon Cawdor (nephew, son of Harvey and Rachel, dead) Rachel Cawdor (wife of Harvey, dead), Guenema, (wife, of Morgan, dead) Nathan Freeman Cawdor (nephew, son of Morgan Cawdor and Guenema), current ruler of Front Royal, Lady Tabitha Cawdor (Nathan's wife), Alexander Cawdor (son of Nathan and Tabitha) Dean Cawdor (son)

Apache Name: One eye chills.

Favorite Quote: Fireblast!

Preferred Weapons: 18" Panga Knife, SIG Sauer 226 (with built in silencer), HK G-12 Assault rifle (which he got rid of in Dark Carnival), Steyr P2.

Clothing: Fur lined long coat, combat boots, a denim shirt and heavy duty dark blue pants, a white silk scarf.

Commonly Carried Equipment: Ammunition, plastic explosives inside his jacket and boots, and a tiny radiation counter attached to his lapel.

Ryan Cawdor is an enigmatic man with a very mysterious past that is slowly revealed throughout the series. For more information, check out the file, Front Royal.

It turns out that Ryan is the youngest son of a powerful Baron in Virginia. His eldest brother, Harvey is responsible for the loss of Ryan’s left eye. Ryan’s brother now controls the barony of Front Royal. Ryan was named after his great grandfather, the original founder of Front Royal.

As a lad, Ryan killed a man over the ownership of a horse. The other man ended up dying. He was about to be hung when a woman claimed that she saw the whole thing and managed to pursuade the mob to leave the boy alone. Reluctantly the mob agreed and he was given into the care of the woman, who, used him each night in her bed for saving his life.

He joined Traders convoy approximately fifteen years before the beginning of ‘Pilgrimage to hell’, at the tender age of 21 (approximately). Over the years, because of idea’s like hiding plastic explosives in their clothing and boots, he climbed rank rapidly in Traders convoy, soon becoming Traders second in command. It was during this time that he met his best friend J.B. Dix, who joined Trader a little over a year later. For more information on how Ryan met Trader, click here.

He is a master of many forms of combat, including knife, and unarmed combat. He learned a great deal from both Trader and J.B. One interesting trick he learned was to grab an animal by its front legs, and force them apart. This is sure to destroy the rib cage and internal organs. He learned this trick from a Tex-Mex puma hunter near Lubbock.

Travelling the Deathlands, they discovered a number of interesting sites, including several ruined launch sites for space craft (probably shuttles, rockets and the like). In the hills of Kentucky they discovered a Redoubt filled with hundreds of thousands of liter's of nerve gas which they quickly re-buried and did their best to forget about.

During a mission to the ville of Mocsin, to trade weapons, ammunition, and explosives to the Baron, Jordan Teauge, Traders convoy was attacked and destroyed by Teauge’s head sec man, Cort Strasser. All but 24 of the crew survived, and the only vehicle was war wag one. Trader, suffering from rad cancer, quietly wanders off into the night, leaving Ryan in charge.

It was during this failed trading mission that Ryan meets the tall, beautiful, Krysty Wroth, a titan hared mutant woman who he fell for. It is also here that Ryan encounters the addled brained Doc, who seems to know a great deal about these legendary redoubts and gateways.

Leading the few survivors into the darks, they discover a hidden redoubt. After destroying the guardian, they enter it and discover the MAT-TRANS which will transport him and his friends throughout the Deathlands.

It is discovered in ‘Red Holocaust’ that Ryan was involved in his first fire fight when he was twelve. He killed a web fingered mutie with a battered armalite rifle. He also lost his virginity to a mulatto whore near a ville named Butcher’s Creek.

After discovering that Krysty is a mutie, he is battling with his feelings towards her. By the end of Red Holocaust, he has come to terms with it, and accepts her without question.

Ryan is a strong man, able to bench press three hundred pounds (with difficulty, but he was able to do it none the less). This happened in Red Holocaust.

While in the Alaskan Redoubt, Ryan exchanged his old battered LAPA rifle for a brand new HK G-12 assault rifle. He also replaces his pants and shirt.

At the beginning of the series, Ryan was a smoker. As the series continued, this habit disappeared.

According to Neutron Solstice, when Ryan first joined trader, he had a habit of always having to take a piss just before a fire fight.

Throughout his years of travelling the Deathlands, one of Ryan’s dreams was to come across information on what the world was like before the Skydark. He has seen books, videos, tapes, papers but all that gave him was a glimpse through a tiny crack in time. He has dreamed of finding a key to the past, some way of learning what madness had raced through the world nearly one hundred years before. He believes that the scientists are as much to blame as the politicians.

One of the most important lessons he ever learned was from his older brother, Morgan. Always watch the eyes of your opponent.

Another interesting fact is that Ryan, throughout his travels, has encountered androids at least once. Where and when, is not currently known.

There had also been a time that while exploring redoubts, Ryan found one in the Rockies that was filled with Stickies.

According to Red Holocaust, Ryan obtained his Panga from a huge two hundred eighty five pound mutie woman. Where and when was not revealed.

He discovers much to his surprise that he has a son, born to Sharona Carson who he had a brief affair with a decade ago. He manages to track his son down in the ruins of New York City and rescues him, with help from his friends, from a huge gang of Scalie slavers who control a huge section of Manhattan. This happened in Seedling.

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