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The Sin Eater AKA The spectre

9mm Spectre M-4

Manufacturer-SITES SpA

Calibre-9x19mm Parabellum


Length Stock Extended-22.83 Inches

Length Stock Folded-13.78 Inches

Weight Empty-6.39 Lbs.

Barrel-5.12 Inches, 6 Grooves Righthand Twist

Magazine Capacity- 30 and 50-shot detachable box

Cyclic Rate-850rds/min

Muzzle Velocity-1,312ft/sec

The Spectre M-4 Submachine Gun was introduced in 1984. It is the only double-action submachine gun in the world. Its primary purpose was for security and anti-terrorist forces, it was designed so that it could be carried safely and brought into action immediately without releasing safeties or cocking it. The weapon is loaded just like any other mag fed weapon, however once a cartridge is loaded and the bolt closesthere is a sepearte hammerunit that is cocked. By pressing a release lever the hammer will run forward and be held a fraction behind the bolt. This allows the weapon to be carried safely, all one needs to do is pull the trigger which will cock the hammer, release it, and discharge the firearm. It is highly accurate because it shoots from a closed bolt. To avoid overheating normally associated with closed bolt designs SITES SpA designed a forced draught system controlled by the bolt. It ensures that air is pumped in and around the barrel during operation. The magazine is also a radical design. It is the world's first four column magazine, that enables 50 rounds of ammo to be carried in the same length mag that normally holds 30 rounds.

The Copperhead AKA SA 80

Manufacturer- Royal Small Arms Factory Nottingham

Calibre- 5.56x45 NATO

Length Overall- 30.90 Inches

Weight Empty- 10.98lbs with loaded mag and optical sight

Barrel- 20.39 inches 6 grooves righthand twist

Magazine-30rd detachable box *uses M16 magazines

Rate of Fire- 650-800rds/min

Muzzle Velocity- 3,084ft/sec

The SA80 is the main weapin of the British Army. It is of the bullpup design and extremely compact. It is a accurate rifle, but is unrelaible and fragile. There are major design flaws in the weapon. Prior to the gulf war catastropic failures in the weapon killed its users

during target practice. Five years later England thought it had all the problems worked out, then in Desert Strom the guns compeletly fell apart. This gun is so bad that SAS stopped using it and have bought the M16A2s.


Length 8.6inches

Weight 34.5oz

Calibre 9x19

Capacity 18

MV 1100FS

Cyclic Rate 2200 RDS Per Minute

The VP70 is a large double action blowback automatic. Advanced plastics are used in the frame to keep the weight down, even though the weapon is rather bulky. There is no safety catch, instaed the action is only cocked by the heavy first pull of the trigger, after that a second lighter pull is needed to fire the weapon. The VP70 comes complete with a rigid plastic holster, which clips on to the butt and frame to act as a stock. This also comes with a selector that allows three round bursts to be fired.


Mauser HSc

Mauser HSc made under contract by Armi Renato Gamba SpA (SAB G2001)

Caliber .32ACP (7.65 Browning)

Feed 14 Round magazine

Rifling 6 Grooves R/H Pitch

Trigger S/A,D/A

Hammer Exposed Spur

Front Sight Steel Blade

Rear Sight Dovetailed to the Slide

Safeties inertial firing pin-half-cock notch, slide mounted manual safety that blocks the firing pin and lifts its head out of alignment with the hammer (the manual safety does not drop the hammer).

Overall Length 6.50 Inches

Height 4.80 Inches

Width 1.18 Inches

Length of Barrel 3.62 Inches

Sight Radius 4.76 Inches

Weight with empty magazine Approx 27 Ounces

Muzzle Velocity 960 Feet Per Second

The Mauser HSc (Hammerless, selfloading, Model C) was introduced in early 1940, with commercial intentions. However it was quickly adopted by German Armed forces who were busy fighting most of the world. It was a milestone in design and a giant leap for Mauser. It is a double action pistol of a very modern appearence. The hammer is concealed in the slide, leaving only the very tip protuding. It is just enough to allow the thumb to cock it. The safety catch was an entirely new design, and made it a very safe firearm to carry. A slightly imporved version was made after the war until 1973. Mauser then licensed production to an Italian Company.

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