Order Directly from Gold Eagle

Below is the information for you to order the new Deathlands and Outlander novels directly from Gold Eagle, and well in advance. Get the latest novel before the last one has even hit the stores! 

There are several things you must do first. Contact Either the Canadian or American branch of Gold Eagle and ask them to send you an order form for the books you want. The addresses and phone numbers are listed below. Secondly, once you receive the form (figure about a week before it arrives), fill it out, fire it off, and in about a months time, the books will be yours!

Try calling though. Tends to get the ball rolling real fast this way. 

Also, they do C.O.D's So make sure you pay up! I would have to have my fellow fans get a bad reputation. 

In the U.S.

Reader Service

P.O. Box 1325

Buffalo, NY


Phone # (716) 684-1500

In Canada

Reader Service

P.O. Box 603

Ft. Erie, Ontario

L2A 5X3

Phone # 1-800-873-8635

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