Out Of Time: Introduction

Hey folks! Well, just a little dedication for this latest story from yours truly. This story was written with two purposes in mind. First, as my own personal bridge to gap the Deathlands with the Outlands The second reason will be outlined below. I bring two of the characters from Outlanders into this story to interact with Maverick. For those of you who are fans of my other characters, they are not present for this one. Sorry about that. And in the grand scheme of things, this story is fairly short as well, about only a third of the length of just one chapter of my Time's Enemy story. Which, by the way, should be finished as of the end of December.

Anyhow, this one is Dedicated to Mark Ellis. He has helped me more than anyone can imagine, and is one hell of a writer, and a great man all around. I wrote this story specifically for him! I just hope that he isn't disappointed in the work. Here's to you Mark!

Now, without further Adieu, on with the story!

Out Of Time

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