Nothing to lose...


A former Magistrate in the grim world of post-holocaust America, Kane cuts his ties to the ruling order and its launched on a reluctant quest to uncover the truth about a bitter enmity that haunts humanity. He knows the answer is out there - beyond the garrisoned cities, the Outlands' hellzones, the ancient seats of planetary power.

Lost horizon.

Barely ahead of a Grudge task force, Kane and his fellow exiles venture from Cerberus redoubt to the hellzones and other global hotspots via the Mat-trans units.

But something truly shocking is lying in wait for them at their next stop, a predark space station. For here time is running down, close to zero hour of a deadly plan devised long ago that would also swallow the Earth whole.

in the outlands, the future is an eternity of hell....

First Printing: June 1998

Total Pages: 347

Written By: Currently Classified

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