From Jay Burgett


I enjoyed your fiction on the Deathlands page and was just dropping a line to say good job. Any more chapters coming soon?

From Chris Van Deelen, owner of the website.

Not bad for your first attempt at a piece of Deathlands fiction. You showed a great deal of originality with the concept behind using the Mat-Trans to keep the group in stasis. The girl, Jenny really caught my attention, due to the fact that you made her a mutant. The ability, though a bit odd, is a really nice touch and fits in very well with the world Laurence set up for us to enjoy. Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to seeing your next addition to the story.

From David Mitchell

Dear Scott;

It sounds to me as if you've combined "Deathlands" with a WW3 psy-op black operation; the way they talk to each other in your story is called a "sub-vocal" implant, and is used by the Navy Seals on Silent operations, or room to room, when stealth is everything!!! Believe me, I know!!! My Father has 18 medals, faught in Japan, Korea, and "nam, and I was the son he taught weaponry to!!! EVERYTHING about weaponry, including psy-ops, sleep hypno-tapes, and the whole kaboodle!!! You're story portrays a very life-like "Black-Op" set-up, and makes good use of human reactions and fears!!! ( Scott running away in the dark; that's gotta be one of the most basic fears!!) "He's gonna get me!!" too; classic paranoia and fear of the unknown. Why not try a part 2., where no "Deathlands " script is involved, and it's totally all yours?? Big step, but would be worth it!! Nice wrist comm units, too; check out a story called "Synbat", where we try and make the perfect soldier by combining humans and babboon hybrid; everything goes to pieces, and these "warrior hybrids" are NOT happy!!!

Gotta go to a kids event, but I've been meaning to convey this to you for some time now. (DUH on me!!) You seem to have the techno-knowledge that will really make a story real, and ergo much more believable!!!! I was born on a "Black-op" base, so that's how I was raised!!! Gotta run, feel free to "E" me back.................

Chef David Mitchell Founder

p.s.- you may want to read both novels in the "Solo" series; same thought line, problems, etc......Those 2 are really good, especially the second one!

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