Dark Prophecy

Two centuries after Armageddon, the eternal battle between order and chaos continues. Pockets of fortified city states are ruled by powerful barons, plenipotentiaries of humanity's secret enslavers. Half human hybrids, these inheritors carry out an ages-old conspiracy of mankind's domination. But there are those who fight this insidious horror.

Virulence Unfurled

A renegade enforcer of the new order, Kane is now a freedom fighter dedicated with fellow insurrectionists to free the future from the yoke of Archon Power. The bayous of Louisiana, steeped in magic and voodoo, are a new epicentre of a dark, ancient evil. Here, the primordial horrors of a lost world are being resurrected into a living nightmare, unleashing a pestilence that may destroy hybrid and human alike.

In the Outlands, the will to fight endures....

First Printing: May 2000

Total Pages: 346

Written By: Classified

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