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The Skotpsi is a cult that is based in Russia.  It is an old cult that flourished back in the four hundred years before, around the beginning of the 19th century.  This cult traces its origins back to the pagan goddess Cybele, whose priests wore woman's clothing and often castrated themselves as sacrificial offerings at her altar.

This cult performed human and animal sacrifices around the outskirts of Moscow.  Many of the rites were necromatic in nature and involved placing opposite gender bone on the wrong skeletons and the like.

The current leader of this cult, a man named Koshelav, claimed that many years before when the government in Moscow changed, the villagers and others who lived where they are were hunted down and killed. Those who survived fled.  Only he and a few of his followers stayed behind.

Inside the barn where Kane and company encountered this group, they found a bizarre skeletons that were wired together, hanging from the rafters.  Skulls of horses on dog bodies, bones of cattle attached to the skulls of goats and the like. There was a makeshift table present that was covered in dry blood. A bowl rested in the table and was filled with a variety of bones including a Childs skull.

Koshelav claimed that the child's skull was that of his son's whose body he had dug up to use in the rite instead of harming the villagers.  The man, when he figures that he has distracted Kane's group enough, has his followers attack the group.  The ambush almost succeeds but Kane and Grants Magistrate and superior firepower soon turn the tide and they end up wiping out a large number of the cultists.

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