People who deserve a special mention.

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There are several people who deserve a special mention for helping me with this site.

Mark Ellis, for helping me by pointing out problems on my site, as well as for clarifying a lot of points with the Outlander series, and for writing such a wonderful spin off!

Rodney Moorehead, for providing me with the pictures and hard physical data for the various weapons encountered in the Outlands.

Mark LeFebre: This young man from the Dakota's took the time to modify a map of the states he had, marking the location of the known redoubts on it for me to use on my site. Thanks Mark, it is nice to see it!

Rodney Moorehead, for sending me the picture of the ZKR 551! Not only that but numerous other picture and even a few sound bites that I hope to add sometime. Many thanks my friend!

Cynthia at the Sentry Box here in Calgary. She is the one who provided me with the book covers of the upcoming Deathlands and Outlander novels.

Karl J. Alsheimer. He sent several pictures including the SSG P2 for me. It's up on the site under Ryan's weapons.

Damon Sandler: A good friend. He offered to create 3 D headers for me.

Cyber (Mario): This gentleman sent me several files for my Role Playing page, as well as the scanned picture of the Crew that is now on the top of my opening page, as well as the map of the Deathlands from Pilgrimage to Hell.

Randy Vice for setting up the Email group for me.

David Webb for allowing me to use his scanned picture of Ryan Krysty and J.B.

Alex Maddison who sent me four questions to add to my Unanswered question page.

Justin Law for the picture of the LeMat.

James Greaves: A very long term friend who was able to help me get my Guest book up and running. He has also been helping me with some minor problems that have been cropping up. Finally, he would have had my counter up and running if my other friend David Pawelko hadn't beaten him to it. Still, he deserves a mention for his efforts.

Chef David Mitchell: The head of the Fan Club who gave me the praise and support I needed to get this far. Thanks a million bud. David was responsible for a lot of the weapon stats..

James Axler (Laurence James): For creating the series that this Web site is not only based on, but devoted to.

Jonathon Pawelko. He helped add the counter to my page and is teaching me about web page design and so forth. Yet another long time friend that deserves a special thanks! And now he really deserves a special mention as he fixed my counter and even helped me add a Chat Room feature to my page! He is also teaching me how to use Front Page, so quite soon, my page will be looking a great deal different, and a hell of a lot nicer!

Kay, from the house of Canes (link soon to follow) for sending me the picture of the sword cane, which will soon be scanned in and added to my site. You've saved us a whole mess of searching! Thanks again!

Kris Kornelli. He sent me the links and lists for two separate on line mail order companies, where back issues of Deathlands can be ordered. Good going bud!

Joseph Benedetto Jr. He pointed out a couple of small flaws in my story. To top things off, he and I are good friends and has helped me beyond mentioning with my writing as well as my ego! Praise, mixed with a good critique helps improve anyone's writing!

Created on 07/18/97

Updated on 08/15/98

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