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I have had the great luck to be able to obtain the book covers for the upcoming Deathlands and Outlander books. I will do my best to obtain the new jackets as soon as they become available, and if I can, they will be put up here. The old covers will be removed as soon as they are available in the stores.

Shadow Fortress (Book 3 of the Skydark Trilogy)

Forged from the ruins

A planet ravaged by the apocalyptic blast of 2001 gave birth to a new world of savagery - and a new breed of hero. In a land where violence rules with absolute authority, Ryan Cawdor and his wayfarer survivalists roam the strange, nascent twenty second century, living by their own creed of honor as they continue their search for a sanctuary they can call home.

Eternal Quest

In what was once the nuclear testing ground of the predark world, the Marshall Islands are now the kingdom of the grotesque lord Baron Kinnison. Here in this world of slavery and brutality the companions have fought a fierce war for survival, on land and sea - yet the crafty baron still conspires to destroy these interlopers. Activating a twentieth century hot air balloon left untouched by the blast, they escape to the neighboring pirate ruled forbidden island, with the Baron and his sec men in hot pursuit - and become trapped in a war for total supremacy on this water world.

Not even the Deathlands can deny the human will to survive.

Available September 2001

Permanent Entropy

After an atomic blast hurled the world into an uncertain future, the past still reaches out in hope... and damnation. In a kill or be killed world, one steadfast group of survivors possesses superior fighting skills and sense of fair play that have made them living legends. In their struggle to seek a better way of life, they are unraveling the powerful secrets of the hell on Earth called Deathlands.

Portal to Hell

A pre-dark legacy of shattering promise lies beneath the ruins of nuke-ravaged Seatlle. Ryan Cawdor and his warrior companions come face-to-face with the ancestors of a secret societ whose members were convinced that paradise awaited at the center of the Earth. This cult is inexorably tied to a conspiracy of twentieth-century scientists devoted to fulfilling a vision o genetic manipulation.In this labyrinthine ville, carved from the subterranean passages of a doomed past, some of the decendants of the illuminated ones are pursuing the dream of their legacy - while others are dedicated to its nightmare.

Even in the Deathlands, twisted human beliefs endure...

Available December 2001

Torn Asunder

The brutal struggle for power in post-nuclear America continues for the nine barons who rule the new world order. These emissaries of a long lost race are facing extinction from within their own ranks, and from the rebel forces fighting to reclaim earth and expose the horrifying truth of mankindís heritage.

 Atlantis Resurrected

Computer programs from the world before the Skydark are being salvaged and use to power the cities and villes of the twenty second century. An enforcer turned renegade, Kane and his group learn of a mother load of tech hidden deep within the ocean of the western territories, a place once known as Seattle. The booty is luring tech traders and gangs and an army of sec men prepared to do the barons bidding. Kane and Grant dare to infiltrate the salvage operation, knowing that getting in is a life and death risk.

In the outlands, the shocking truth is humanities last hope.

Available August 2001

Virulent Destiny

Eight Generations after the atomic mega-cull, a shattered world still struggles to heal itself. The iron-fisted rule of the nine baronies is compromised by an intrepid group of warriors who have uncovered secrets as dark as they are damning. For nothing in the history of humankind is what it seems. Reality is obscured by the grim impermanence of power...and deceit. All that remains is the human spirit's enduring will to survive.

Tenuous Salvation

Now, a relic of a lost civilization, the ruins of Chicago hold a cryptic mystery for Kane, a secret message born of the fiery battle to rule the new earth. In the Subterranean annexes of the hidden pre-dark military installations deep beneath the city - living tombs haunted by the ghosts of a hopeless, despairing age - a bizarre cult of faceless shadow figures wield terror in submission to an unseen, maniacal God, who has lured his old enemies into a battle once again for the final and deadliest confrontation. 

Available October 2001

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