Treachery Reborn

The nukecauset that gave birth to the garrisoned cities and the hellzones of the Outlands was the calculated stroke of a dark conspiracy that haunts humanity. Now, as this evil specter continues its secret war to conquer what is left of civilization, a dedicated group dares to expose the truth about earth's sinister overlords...

Wilderness War

A former enforcer of the new world order, Kane and his fellow exiles hazard the treacherous no-man's-land of what was once Utah. Here, a ruthless woman warrior with a reputation for scorched earth may become the ally they are seeking to expand their power base against earth's alien oppressors. Or she may be a doomsday force eager to destroy anything that interferes with her own quest for power.

In the Outlands, life is cheap. But death is free.

First Printing: February 2000

Total Pages: 347

Written By: Currently Classified.

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