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Welcome to the Outlanders Archive. This site will strive to contain all the information on the series created and written by Mark Ellis. published by Gold Eagle, under the house name James Axler.

Outlanders is written almost exclusively by Mark Ellis. The series was not created by Laurence James and despite rumors to the contrary he had no hand in its inception whatsoever. Unlike Deathlands, with the exception of two novels and part of a third, the series is not written by anyone but Mark.Ellis.

Outlanders began life as a spin-off of the long-running Deathlands series. However, in its four year publication history it has evolved and developed so far beyond the parameters of DL it is no longer necessary for Outlanders to be directly linked to it. The series has become successful and popular in its own right and in some ways, redefined the Post-Holocaust adventure genre. Because of its expansive backstory and developing mythology a separate site seemed called for, if nothing else but for the sake of clarity.

There are many Outlanders fans who are only slightly familiar with DL and so this site was created first and foremost with them in mind. Obviously, fans of both series are very welcome here, but it is primarily devoted to the adventures of Kane, Brigid, Grant, Domi and the rest of the Cerberus warriors. This is not the place to discuss giving Ryan Cawdor a new rifle or to ask about the fate of Trader.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact me, Chris Van Deelen.

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Updates for 06/14/01

Added a few new entries to the Chronology page, as well as the information on the Magistrate Abrams.

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