An Outlanders fan coming back...?
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11/18/2012 10:29 AM

    Ya know, recently in the last several months, in between other sci-fi/fantasy and fiction action/adventure-oriented books, I have made a concerted 2nd effort at trying out these non-Ellis Outlander books.


    Like every other fan in the beginning, I stuck with it, and tried out these two latest authors. I figured that if Deathlands can find some real talkented authors to pen it, then why can't Outlanders? That maybe, just maybe, just like DL, some authors may just take Outlanders to a new level. But at first with their beginning books, that didn't nearly happen for me. 

    So, like all those hardcore fans that used to control these boards and this website, I quit the series, although my wanton curiosity kept me getting each and every book, just to read a chapter or two, to see if they captured my interest. Unfortunately for me personally, they didn't. 


    Until, out of the blue, I spotted a trashed-up copy of Planet Hate in one of my used book stores. I got it for free, so I decided to try it. Now, people who frequent these boards know that I posted my comments on Infestation Cubed. I gave it about half the book, and gave up. Now, I tried nearly all 14 books before that one, which is all the books these two authors penned, and only about 4 of those did I actually finish. I actually forced myself to finish Serpents Tooth, and I had soooo many issues with that book, I don't even wanna get into here and now.

    But I have to say, Planet Hate was pretty darn good! Sure I had some issues with it, but for the most part, they were minor. And this author has a much bigger grasp of this series than the other one, clearly. I am now almost done with Dragon City, and although not as good as the previous one, it has gotten better the further I read. I will say more on this story arc when I finish it, and the next book, God War, which seemingly ends this certain story arc.