BY: Erick Scroggins


The female slave named Amanda Jenson just broke her ankle chain with the pickax. Working in the coal mine she is little watched. Sneaking up on the guard she slowly brings the pickax up making the slightest noise. The guard not paying attention slips out of the world of the living as the pickax imbeds itself into the folds of his head. The guard slumps to the ground and his bladder empties itself. Amanda grabs his rusted black powder carbine and sneaks out of the mine carefully.

She makes her way to the nearest house without incident. Opening the door she sees a guard disrobing about to go to bed. sneaking up to him she clubs him over the head with the carbine. Screaming as he falls, Amanda quickly and brutally clubs him to death with the carbine. Glancing around she see a set of old BDU pants. Amanda disrobes and puts on the BDU pants. Fitting a little big she ties it around the waste with and old piece of rope. Then she takes the guards 9mm glock and shoves it in her makeshift belt. Looking around she spots a blanket on the bed of the Guard. Walking over to it she throws it over she head and shoulders and wraps it around herself like a cloak. Amanda walks out the door ,disguised.


            Amanda Jenson feels pretty good. Its been about 4 days since her escape for the coal mines. Working on the streets of Carbonville. She has been doing quite well. The guards’ deaths didn’t warrant too much commotion, still she decides to stay low. After the Murder of the Baron Helios the night before, she is looking forward to leaving during the ceremony for his haire. Walking down the street towards the Ville center in what used to be a Shopping Mall, she notices a commotion.

            “Wha’ts going on?” Amanda asks the dry goods trader.

            “The fuckin shithole that wasted the baron was captured, that’s what” the trader replied as he packed up his goods.

            Thinking nothing of it she walked into the ville center. Waiting in line to enter she finally gets to the front of the line. Two guards are checking weapons and searching people. Turning away and trying to walk off the Guards see her and call out, ”Girl come here!”

            Walking towards them she feels her heart beating rapidly .As the guard runs his hand across her body ,he feels her leg iron .Just as he is about to say something the top of his head explodes as Amanda fires the blaster she slowly drew The other guard seeing her draw the blaster and chill the other guard, roundhouses her to the face and yells out. The next thing Amanda sees is his fist  and then pain, then blackness.


            Amanda wakes up. There is a dull throbbing in her head and the taste of blood in her mouth. She can feel her arms and legs bound to the Table she is laying on. Looking around she spots him. The Man in his early 20’s blond hair blue eyes, wearing a purple shirt, with gold trim, black pants and the Carbonville amulet. On his hip is a Browning Hi-Power.

            “Hello, I’m the New Baron here, you are a petty murderer ”the Man says in a cocky tone. Amanda realizes that she has been striped naked, on the table beside her are several sharp instruments of grotesque dimensions. ”Doc will be with you shortly…he will enjoy you. ”he says smirking as he walks out of the room.

            Hours go by and she begins to lose all hope. Praying to god that she will make it through, there is a commotion in the hall outside her room, she hears a struggle and body hitting the floor followed by a gunshot. In walks a man dressed in black from black boots to Black combat shirt, he is holding a combat knife and a Colt Anaconda. Holstering the massive gun, he walks to her and cuts off the bindings.

            “thanks.” Amanda utters and begins to slide of her clothing.

            The man in black says nothing and walks out of the room, disappearing into the hallway.


            Walking out into the hallway she sees no sign of the stranger but the dead guard on the ground. Taking the Mossberg 500 from the guards dead body she runs off towards the slave pits. Three guards stand at the entrance to the slave pits, talking. walking up to one guard she levels the 12 gauge at his chest and pulls the trigger. The slug from the shotgun rips through his body in a spray bone sinew and crimson gore and inbeds into the chest of the guard next to him. as they fall the surprised last guard grabs his gun in his holster and accidentally shoots himself in the thigh. Falling to the ground he screams out in agony. His scream is cut short by a 12 gauge slug as it fragments his head like a ripe watermelon. Leveling the shotgun at the lock on the metal door to the slave pit ,she obliterates the lock and the door is swung open by the force of the blast.


            “you all are Free now” she exclaims to the slaves. The slaves bumrush the door and out into the town they go. Killing and destroying the ville. Amanda meanwhile has set to the task of getting out of the town. Fighting her way to the armory she stops at a sight that grabs her attention .The man in Black gaining entrance to a massive War Wag. Running to the Wag, she sees the New Baron shoot on of his own Guards and then throwing a metal sphere inside the wag Two seconds later the Man in Black jumps out of the Wag. The War Wag then explodes in a violent display of fire and twisted metal. Everyone is knocked back by the force of the explosion. Dazed, Amanda stands up and shakes her head. Looking to her left she sees The Baron just in time to be shot in the leg by him. The man in black kicks the gun out of the Barons hand and they begin fighting for the gun. Amanda, determined to survive stands and picks up the gun.

            “Stop or I will shoot you both dead!”, Amanda yells out, just as something explodes beside her, knocking the gun out of her hand. Amanda looks cautiously to the other two as the gun lands exactly dead center between all three of them.



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