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This page will house any and all fan fiction I receive. Before anyone submits a piece of fiction to be posted here, there are a few rules that I expect to be followed, or else the fiction will never see the light of day on my site.

No Crossovers. I Don’t want to see any Deathlands meets Star Trek, X-files, Star Wars, or anything else like that. If you want to write a fiction like that, don't send it to me, as it will not be posted. No Exceptions.

Writing the characters doing something that is totally out of character will not be tolerated. I will not post anything in which Krysty throws herself at any man, or Ryan does something cowardly, or JB refuses to show interest in a weapon.

I would prefer if any fiction written contains original characters. Make up your own survivalists! Have the characters set in the same world, but who have never traveled with Trader or his crew.

Be Original. I don't want to read a re-hash of one of the previous novels.

If you create a new form of mutant human or animal, I don't want to see something totally ridiculous, such as a man who can shoot laser beams out of his eyes, or a dog that can fly, or anything else that strange. Any fiction sent to me with this will not be considered for posting. 

Finally, you can send the fiction to me in either Word Format (five or higher), WP 5.1 or higher, plain simple text, or even HTML format. No matter which format you send it, I will convert it to HTML format.

That pretty much covers it. If I think of anything else that needs to be posted, I will do so.

Fiction Archive of Chris Van Deelen

A note from the author.  I have left the stories in their original format, unedited and un-revamped. The reason I have done this is because it is an interesting study in the evolution of a writer.  From barely skilled nobody to a aspiring wannabe.  Currently, that is all I am, just an aspiring wannabe.  But with perseverance and sweat, and story after story of practice, I might, just might, someday become a published author. 

Deathlands Fan Fiction

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Outlander Fan Fiction

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Fiction Archive of Chris Chase

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Intentions (Entry in the Outlanders Fan Fiction Contest)


Entries in the Fan Fiction Contest!


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Fiction from Renn.

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Ghost (Entry in the Outlanders Fan Fiction Contest)

Fiction from Erick Scroggins

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Humorous Fiction by Den

Wile E 5000 Part 1

Wile E 5000 Part 2

Fiction from Jack Clemons

Blackjack Chronicles


Southern Fire

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