Khlysty Priesthood

The Khlysty priesthood is a secret sect in Russia, devoted to Saint Rasputin.  He was martyred, after surviving poisoning, multiple gunshot wounds, blows to the head and near drowning. What finally killed him was the icy cold water of the Moika canal. 

The symbol of the priest hood is a tiny wooden Phallus with stylized crystal testicles. It represented Rasputin's penis that had been cut off by one of his assassins then preserved in a velvet container. Initiates into the priesthood are allowed to glimpse at, but not touch their holy relic.

Priests are trained in mental disciplines, such as mind control, being able to prevent others from reading their thoughts, meditation to endure extremes, control pain and the like. 

Much of the training in the cult revolved around camouflage, infiltration, and deception. The intense training could mask the true feelings in a man's eyes, making him appear as if dulled or un-interested.

Written in the Khlysty's text is the power of Causitry.  Or the use of persuasion and seduction to achieve an objective. 

One of many rituals in the sect was ritualistic flagellation, which always left the participants scarred afterwards.

Infinite patients was one of the prime articles of the faith.

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