Miscellaneous Files

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This page will contain the links to the miscellaneous files that I have created over the past year and a half. I have no idea where to place these files so this will be the place.

Balam's Speech

Brother Michael's Suicide Note

Cydonia Colony

District Twelve

Front Royal

Fort Security

Historical Events Witnessed by Kane and his company after the misjump from England

How Ryan met and Joined Trader's Convoy

Information discovered on Doc Tanner in the Wizard Island Complex

Khlysty Priesthood

The Martian Revolt

Message from the Preservationists to Brigid Baptist

Oath taken by people inducted into the Trust.

Paper discovered in a redoubt in Florida

Parallax Red Station

Salvation, the ship owned by Pyra Quadde

Sec Hunter Droids

Traders goodbye note to Ryan

Wizard Island Complex

The Skotpsi

The workings of the Matter Transmitter units.

The Wyeth Codex

Created on: 12/25/98

Updated on: 09/21/00