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This page will contain all the information on the Barons and the nine Baronies that control the Outlands. As more information becomes available I will update this page.

First, all the baronies are ruled by Hybrids (See the Archon and other Aliens (?) Page). Secondly, all the baronies are built to resemble each other.

The villes themselves are surrounded by fifty foot tall walls. At each corner are Vulcan Phalanx gun tower. There are search lights spread out over the walls that are used to illuminate the surrounding buffer zone that had been cleared of all vegetation and anything that might be used as cover in a potential attack against the baronies.

Inside the walls were four towers that were connected to each other by walkways. This is where the people of the baronies lived in their small apartments. They had light, heat, air-conditioning, plumbing and the such. The people of the baronies lived and died in the towers, shopped and lived. They had pretty much anything they could want except for freedom. Each Barony could support no more than 5000 people, and in the Tartarus pits, where the lowest of the villes inhabitants lived, could support no more than 1000 souls.

Inside the center of the ville, surrounded by the four towers was the Baron's Monolith. This massive, white rockcrete tower stretched three hundred feet into the sky. It was separated into separate levels. Level E or Epsilon was used as general manufacturing and construction. Level D or Delta was used for the preparation, distribution, preservation of food for the barony. Level C or Cappa was the level devoted to the protectors of the Barony. The Magistrates. Level B or Beta was a combination library, museum and computer center for the barony. Here history was constantly revised and re-written to keep the general populous in the dark.Level A or Alpha was the baron's personal Level. It contains the baron's quarters, meeting area for his personal trust, his or her own personal Mat Trans unit, as well as medical personnel and genetically altered guards.

Note that each Barony, unless it has something unique about it, will not get a special page. Only brief descriptions below. However each Baron will get his or her own page that describes what they look like and their personality. Some of the barons are very unusual.

There typically is a single roadway leading up to the main gate of the city. There are two checkpoints The first is at the mouth of the road and is manned by a single magistrate. The road past the first checkpoint is lined by 'dragon's teeth', five foot tall concrete blocks designed to break axles of vehicles that try to pass. They weigh in excess of 1000 pounds each. A dozen yards from the main gate a pair of concrete blockhouses straddle either side of the road. These blockhouses are armed with GEC mini guns for defense.

The Baronies

Colbaltville: Located on the remains of Baron Nelson's Barony in Colorado.









The Barons

Baron Cobalt

Baron Sharpe

Baron Ragnar

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