Outlanders Deserving Dead

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As with the Deathlands Deserving Dead, this file will contain the information on those who Crossed Kane and Grant in their fight to overthrow the Archons and Baronies.

Exiles to Hell

Milton Reeth: This man used to work for Salvo and was entrusted with the knowledge of the Archons. His job had been to capture and deliver outlanders to the redoubt in Dulce New Mexico to be used by the Hybrids there. He got greedy and began to send inferior, and genetically damaged people. Salvo was charged with delivering his termination warrant. Physically he was a tall, dark skinned man with the sides of his head shaved, his remaining hair was done up in dreadlocks that hung down his back. He wore a puffy armed powder blue body suit which had a lace collar. On the left side of his face he had a red, yellow and blue coiled snake tattoo that looked as if it was ready to devour his eye. Salvo issues the termination warrant against the man.

Milton Reeth's Sec men: The people Milton had used to guard his fortress were wiped out in the fighting against Kane, Grant, Salvo and others. He had two Stickies with him, one male, the other a female that had a similar tattoo on her face. The corpses were left where they fell to rot.

Guana Teague. The pit boss of the Tartarus pits in Colbaltville. This huge man in his mid fifties had a greenish twinge to his skin, which made him look lizard like. The man was huge, built like a plush grizzly bear. His hair was still black and had a goatee on his fat face. For seven months he had been using the albino girl Domi as a sexual slave. She despised the man and when the second of his personal strong arms was killed Grant allowed the girl to slit his throat.

no and Dos. These two men were so much alike that they could have been twins. They dressed in baggy body suits and wore scuffed combat boots and pseudo leather jackets that were one size to small. They adamantly denied being related. Both had their blond hair slicked back. One was killed in a failed assassination attempt against Grant, the other by Grant in Teague's home in the pits.

Destiny Run

Bautu. This Mongolian warrior was captured and brought back to the states when Brigid made her escape from the tribe. He is killed when he goes berserk and nearly kills several members of the small group of outcasts.  Kane nails him hard and he dies without warning.  The autopsy reveals a archon. This implant was responsible for his Death.

The Skotpsi are a sect that flourished in Russia four hundred years before.  Kane, Grant and Brigid run into this group just after leaving the hidden gateway near the ruins of Moscow.  The small group try to win the groups trust then turn on them.  A large number of the cultists attack but are beaten back and many are killed during the fight. Not enough to wipe the group out but sure put a dent in it.  Grant is so enraged at the attack he wants to hunt the survivors down and destroy them.  But it is the Magistrate in him talking.

Sverdlovosk.  This officer in section twelve of the new Russian government initially was helping Kane and his group. He helped Brigid escape from the Mongolians in the beginning of the novel but later on showed his true colors when he betrayed them in the Black City. He is killed in the viscous fight between the Tushe Gun, Kane and Grant.

The Tushe Gun. This man was the son of Boro Orolok, the leader of the Mongolian tribe that was camped near the Black City in the Gobi Desert. During his explorations of the city he discovered the hidden ship and subjected himself to the strange radiation produced by one of the Archon Devices hidden deep in the bowls of the ancient Vessel. The energies warped both his body and mind and he used to the Dragon Ring Artifact to gain complete and total loyalty over his brothers.  He planned to sacrifice Brigid to the machine that warped him but is killed by Kane when he tries to complete the task. Kane is badly wounded in the fight and is scarred from it as well. 

Savage Sun

The Dragoons.  The genetically engineered men who served under Lord Strongbow, AKA Laurence J. Karabatos. They fought hard against the Selkies as well ask Kane and his companions but the majority were wiped out after the Assault. See the information listed under Archons and other Aliens(?).

Laurence J. Karabatos.  This man was born years before the holocaust and worked as a freelancer for many of the US security departments such as the FBI, NSA etc.  During his years he discovered about the Archon Directive and was determined to be part of it. He was instrumental in the impregnation of Mother Fand by the Na Fferyllt or Annunaki.  After this, he went into Cryo sleep for over 150 years time. When he woke he was separated from the woman and alone in England. He brought back civilization and experimented with Genetic engineering in order to create the Dragoons and modify his own DNA.  He was killed during the fight with Kane and pulled through a gateway by Sister Fand. 

Omega Path

Salvo. Kane's half brother.  The man was captured when Kane and the rest mounted a rescue in Colbaltville to release Lakesh. He was taken back to Cerberus and forced to confront the truth about the Archon Directive and when he saw Balam he begged to be killed. Kane didn't allow that to happen and in fact they take him back in time with them. Here he escapes and is finally killed by Kane after confronting him on the rooftop along with the creature known as T.C. Thrush.

Parallax Red

The marauders lead by the Outlander La Loup Garou. The marauders have been on the run after attacking a near by native village. When Kane's group attack them they offer several of the native girls as tribute in order to pass. They refuse to give in to it and fight. The marauders are wiped out.  After the fight they meet with the natives.

Doomstar Relic

Magistrate Barch. The head magistrate of Ragnarville discovered information about HAARP and the redoubt Zulu. He used this information to entrap and seduce a woman named Roberta J. Berrier.  He played her like a musical instrument, leading her to believe that he actually cared for her when all along he only wanted to use her. Together they traveled to redoubt Zulu in Alaska where he forces her to become one with TARA.  He then uses her to kill baron Ragnar.  Shortly afterwards he declared himself the new baron.  When Kane and Grant come to investigate, he captures them and forces them to go with him to Alaska.  Here, after Brigid is able to access Roberta in the interface, they are able to activate the Doomstar program.  After she kills Royce and follows them as they leave.  She is going to kill them all when Brigid is able to convince her that they are assisting her.  She rips Barch's heart out, killing him.

Magistrate Royce.  This man was Barch's second in command and very loyal to him.  After Barch killed baron Ragnar and announced himself the new baron, he made Royce the new head of the Magistrate division. He was loyal to a fault until they entered redoubt Zulu. Brigid was bringing out the truth and he was determined to listen. He makes the mistake of threatening the redoubt, and thus activated the Doomstar program.  He is literally blown apart by TARA because of this. 


Zakat:  The only survivor of Sverdlovosk's expedition to the black desert.  After the encounter with Kane and his people.  He was taken in by the monks in a Tibetan monetary, and here he learns about the Chintamani stone. From here he travels to the states and they get one of the stones out of the Manhattan Museum of Natural history. Kane and co. follow him back and are chased by him into the city of Agartha. Here they fight and Kane throws him off a ledge into what seems to be a bottomless pit.

Dorjieff:  This man is the high lamasery in the Tibetan monastery.  He was a member of Section twelve.  He took Zakat into his confidence because they were both from the same government body.  Later he is killed after trying to rape a young girl named Trai, but not before Zakat learns everything he can about the stone and the legends around the monastery. 

Gyatso: This man was a hybrid.  He was with Zakat's group when they entered the city of Agartha.  When he meets with Lam and Balam, he demands his heritage. But when he takes the stone, it literally blows his eyes out and kills him. 

Hellbound Fury

Salvo.  The nazi casement's salvo was an evil, sadistic man, much like the Salvo of the original Outlanders casement.  He was, just like the original, highly jealous of his half brother, Kane.  He is killed during a fight on the OGRE tank just after Kane destroys the image of Hitler that was carved into Mount Rushmore.  They struggle briefly in the OGRE before Kane finally kicks him out, allowing the man to be crushed under the treads or crushed on the rocks. 

Night Eternal

The man who was at first stalking Brigid and then tried to kill her was an agent named Marko. He reveals that he has been working in conjunction with Beth Li and that Brigid was under suspicion of working with the ROAMers and that he and Beth Li were to learn how deep she was involved.  When he tried to pull a knife on Kane, the man didn't hesitate for a second. Kane draws his Spectre and shoots him on the spot. 

In this casement Beth Li Rouch is Kane's partner but she is actually working for Thrush. She tried unsuccessfully to kill him when he discovered information that he shouldn't have learned after they capture a man named Sheenan. She tried to kill him after that, then seduces him in the hospital. Brigid left Rouch in the apartment when the bombs exploded, killing her. 

Ambassador Cobalt. In this casement, Cobalt isn't a baron, but he is almost as powerful. He is an ambassador. After Kane and Grant, with Grant's forces attack the Embassy, Cobalt tries to escape in a limo. Grant takes off after him in a Deathbird. During the fight, Thrush accidentally kills the Ambassador.

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