Predark Warriors

Chapter 0

The creature stirred. Looking for the disturbance that awoke him from his nap. Leathery skin rubbing harshly against the equipment that was over one hundred years old, he moved from the corner nest and into the hallway. He could feel the presence of another, something dangerous, something deadly. Pulling the home made dagger.

"Whoe isss theree." Itís raspy voice echoing against the stainless steel walls.

The only answer came as screeching of claws on mettle and a low rumble. Then quickly from an open doorway in the hall the second creature attacked its talons ripping into flesh and its teeth tearing at the raged clothes that were draped about the skeletal figure.

After one hundred years of mutation from radiation spread during a nuclear war, not much had stayed the same; most biological life began to mutate creating hideous offspring. One of these, such mutations was the scabbie, a mutated form of human witch was more like the "Zombies" of stories than anything, it had highly developed senses and a love of death. And that made them a most hated and feared creature. Genetically human, and mentally primal he swiftly fought off the first attack. 

Having no place to go the scabbie went berserk an animal cornered and wounded. Lashing out at anything in sight or reach, it charged. What it got for its effort was to be smashed beneath the supreme weight of the mutated bear.

Itís diner found the massive animal left carrying the cancer ridden humanoid as if it were a twig. In his mouth the smaller creature screamed in pain. Wildly throwing the glass knife in one last desperate attempt to survive. The blade went wide, striking the power control console on the wall. More specifically it hit the reset button. The vile almost human creatureís screams ended forever as the last of his breath flowed over his blistered lips.

Lights blinked, gears wined and the center came to life. Power restored it was able to complete the task that ran through the system before a neutron bomb hit. The sealing lights began to glow and a fog appeared as gas condensed in the empty room next to the lab. The matter transfer was completing its final analysis; a body appeared molecules combining and features forming as he was slowly put back together.  After over fifty years of existing stuck in the middle of a matter transfer jump he was back among the living. Or at least those who were struggling to survive.

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