Chapter 3

It was Drew and Trish that found it.  They had been wandering through the redout looking for anything to salvage as well as finding places to “Play around”. From what Scott had told them this place had once been one of many mighty military complexes. This particular redout was a medical research facility. Out on the fringes they had found a wing full of operating rooms, and hallways that lead into viewing chambers, expensive multi million dollar labs some with walls and walls of empty cages. A few of them even shaped like they were fit for human not animals.

Their last discovery won the prize.

Trish burst into the room running and screeching, Drew close behind. He had made only a few paces into the room when he stopped and abruptly closed the door locking it behind him. She followed his gaze toward the cushioned lab table that was bolted in the middle of the large chamber. A smile crossed her face; slowly she walked over and began rubbing her long slender hands up and down the lab bed.

Still smiling she began to dance to a long forgotten tune. Her hands moved from the table to her own body, still flowing she used them, moving clothes in a fashion that allowed a glimpse of what she had in hidden beneath but nothing more. Then as if the music was turned up she got more erotic. Whipping her long strait blond hair back she fixed her eyes on the man standing before her. As if to attack, she boldly walked forward backing him against the door.

All women have the power of seduction. Coupled with a near perfect body and the attitude to use it Trisha White was a natural expert, and she used it to her advantage. Grabbing him by the front of the shirt Trish pulled him toward her. One instant she was almost on fire the next totally sensual, her mouth came to meet his. Slightly open, soft and inviting he was drawn in.

“How badly do you want me?” She cooed in a seductive voice, and letting her lips brush softly against his. The answer was never came. As quickly as she started she ended it, pulling away she kissed him on the forehead and started to turn. To add insult to injury she ran her hand up his inner thigh and up higher feeling is well formed, and hardened member. Winking she walked away smiling.  She had him now. And there was no letting go.

Minutes later an embarrassed and sexually frustrated Drew looked up as if preying to god for an injustice done to him. What he saw astonished him. Mounted in sealed armaglass were four humans. “Trisha….”

“What Dew Drop?” using her innocent voice “Ohh my god!” she cried.


Scott was hidden in the chapel doing something he had not done in too long. There in an open room candles burning for light, his weapons sitting outside a circle drawn with salt he began to prey. Images and feeling flooded his head further empowering what he was already channeling. Looking at the new world he was astonished at what he saw. Men and women struggled to survive in a place that had no love for them, creatures spawned from hell, and man’s own hand rose to greet them. He traveled a great distance, how far he couldn’t tell. Below him passed mountains, fields’, endless deserts of craters, and hundreds of ruined cities.

When he stopped he was in a place vaguely familiar. In front of him stood a beautiful young woman.  She was tall and thin, with green eyes, curly brown hair and an aura of purity. He had loved her, still loved her. She turned white dress flowing in the now gusting wind. Lightning struck, and Scott would have believed it to have hit him for when he looked back at his soul mate. She was no longer the maiden, but the mother, in that split second she had aged twenty years, and at her side was a brown haired, blue eyed teen girl. A daughter.

Time passes for her. Now standing with her was a man he had not known, strong, able, and smart. She deserved him. Scott watched as the young child grew adding a husband of her own to the family. He still looked at her with love, his tears flowed freely, and he smiled. Despite all that had happened to her she was happy, and that had been his one wish.

As he turned to walk away, another change occurred. The strong, able man withered away and was replaced by another child, one with a pure heart and a strong head. Maggy. She grew up in front of him. He was given no details, no memories but he saw the changes. Tears of joy and sadness he saw them all. It was then that he realized he was no longer looking through his own eyes but those of a grandmother.

Scott looked to the beautiful mountains that surrounded the home and saw her on the peak. She was grown now, and stood tall; proud of who she was and from where she came. Behind her arose a shadow that turned into a glimmer, and then formed into a body. Now standing with her was a man he did not know, strong, able, and smart, she deserved him. He looked upon himself standing next to her wondering who he was and where he came from. The answer drifted to him softly in the night breeze he looked at himself again and realized he was smiling, he was happy.

As he turned to go back a person greeted him once more, she was the crone, the old lady of stories passed down to him. But as he looked passed her withered and aged body, deep within her eyes stood a woman that he once loved. Still loved.

“I’ll wait for you.” She said, and then turned to go to her bead.      

Deep in meditation he never heard the Maggy when she came looking for him. He didn’t get the message that his two of his best friends were among the four freezies.


A mere fifty miles away an old woman hobbled from her bedroom into the dining area.

“Mother, what are you doing out of bed?” A the middle aged woman asked, her husband standing as if waiting for the grandmother to fall.

“He’s coming.” She simply said, there was a new sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face. “I saw him, He is coming to say Goodbye, I love you, I missed you, and he’ll tell me to be care-full… Because he never got to, and he’ll bring my granddaughter back to me ” With that she lay a wallet sized picture of a young man in a blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a leather jacket on the table. And then she returned to bed.

“She’s almost gone.” He said after she had gotten out of ears range.

“I know… It’ll be soon. I just hope Maggy Comes back in time.”

“She’s lived a good life.”

“I know.”

“I’m surprised she made it to seventy. Michelle was a strong woman.”

“I know.” Tears welling up in her eyes

He walked over wrapping his arms around her. “Who is he anyway?”

“Who was he?”  She corrected. “He was her best friend. Her soul mate, and the closest thing she had to a big brother before the nukes fell.”

“But why after all these years?”

“Sometimes things just need to be finished. Even if they never really got started.”



Scott stumbled to his room nose bleeding and totally exhausted. After taking a few minutes to clean himself up he landed on the bed, passing out. While elsewhere in the redout an anxious young man and his kid sister awaited his arrival.

It had been quite a shock to the people; in the last two days they had found five time travelers. Four by freezing, and another by computer failure, who’s next little gray men. Only after bringing them to the main dormitory, feeding them and then clothing them did TJ, Drew, Trisha, and Maggy try to explain what happened. But unlike Scott they knew.  Two of them had worked at the facility; the others were unexpected guests.



Jeremy Church

Exactly two months before Skydark

            After thirteen weeks of boot camp and a month in A-school he was granted leave for the holidays. Two weeks of parties and lack of supervision.  He had waited for this since Scott had come home on his first leave.

            Jeremy walked into the airport with his sea-bag on his back and a bag of gifts in his hands. Standing in the lobby waiting was his kid sister. He saw once again how beautiful she was, and the passing of three months did nothing but advance the change from child to adult. Inside he knew she was growing up, but deep down he still wanted to be home beating the teenage boys off with baseball bats and golf clubs.


            She didn’t answer with words. He didn’t even have time to put down his bags before she tackled him, her thin body slamming against his. “Jeremy” she yelled out enthusiastically.

            Setting her on the ground He took a step back, “You grew” he smiled. Reaching into a bag he pulled a small stuffed animal dressed in a sailors outfit and handed it over and winked.  “Where’s mom?” He asked looking around.

            “She had to work.” .

            “So, how the fuck did you get here?”

            “I DROVE.” Grinning with an evil look that told him immediately she was joking. “Ok mom dropped me off and told me to wait here for you.”

“And so where is the car?” he watched as she played with the thought of teasing him more. Then as he was about to speak she pulled a key chain. Three keys jingled at the end.

“Race you to the car.” She yelled taking off and leaving him with the bags.

The plain had landed while they were inside. He turned to grab the bags just as a trio of men emerged from the dc-10. Two government officials were flanking someone Jeremy knew better than most. Both wore business suits while the middle one wore his traditional leather and jeans.

He walked oblivious to the outside world. Handcuffed and shackled Scott was lead to an awaiting black van.


It wasn’t hard to follow the big black vehicle. And Jeremy had no intention of letting it go. No matter how far he had to drive.

            “Where are we going Jeremy?”

            “To where ever that fucking van goes.” Jeremy snapped, he was confused angry and more than a little worried. One of the few men he called a brother was in trouble. And he was going to help. Any way possible.

            “Moms going to be pissed. We’re s’posed to be home by now.

            Jeremy knew he couldn’t go much further. They were partway down “the pass”, a highway that connected the central and eastern parts of Oregon to the rest of the state. “As soon as they stop well turn around and go back, but I want to talk with them first.”

            Three or four miles later, the van turned down a long dirt road and into the forest just below the Mt. Bachelor resort center. 

            Pulling over for a few minutes Jeremy contemplated the decision. Looking apologetically at his sister He turned on the car and followed.  Not three miles later the car impeded by snow slowed to a stop.

            “What happened?” Courtney asked looking around franticly

            “Stuck.” He said opening the door.

            “I told you, this would happen.” She stuck out her tongue and then smiled. Then reached forward and turned the heat on high.

            Jeremy had only been out of the car for a few minutes when two 4x4’s appeared racing down the trail toward him.

             “Courtney, stay in the car. And lock the damn doors” He growled

            The next few seconds were a blur for her. Men with guns jumped out of the trucks, Jeremy began to fight, glass broke, she was ripped out of the car, and a white cloth was held over her mouth.

When she awoke she was sitting in a small hotel like room and her big brother was again gone.

            During the next two months she was not treated bad. The first night there she got in trouble when she defiantly lit a blunt that had not been confiscated by the guards. Several times she was brought in front of the white coats to answer questions but for the most part she was allowed to roam the library and the mess decks unguarded.

            Jeremy on the other hand went through hell. He was taken before the CO for NJP. His command was notified and ordered to transfer him there, and then charged with striking and officer and disobeying a direct order he was given fifty-five days in the brig and reduced it rate to E-1.

            Skydark hit one day before his release. Stuck in his cage He watched and listened as the staff of the base began to evacuate. An hour later the power flickered and the ground shook.

            Courtney ran when the alarms went off. The guards didn’t even bother to give chase. And soon she was nearly alone. Then the main power went out, backup systems and battle lanterns dimly lit the hallways that she searched for her brother. It was the fat scientist that came to her aid. His name was Jim; a Cryo-tech who had been left behind, he along with another white coat retrieved Jeremy and explained what was happening.

            Outside the earth was changing forever. And nuclear winter had started. They kept track of the date. Jeremy’s birthday one year later with no way to turn the main power back on, all four of them crawled into the Cryo-tubes and went to sleep. 



            Scott awoke the next morning as something brushed against his mind. Instead of four other people in the redout he felt the normal ones, two new ones, ten angry, evil, and demented souls, ten hungry animals, and two he had felt before. “Fucking carnies.” Jumping from his bed he grabbed the two pistols. He decided not to take the shotgun, the walls were steel, which meant that there would be too many small objects bouncing around, and second reason, he wanted to be quiet.

            He slipped out of his room and turned to the left. With any luck he would make it to the armory before anyone else would. He hadn’t gotten very far when he felt the number of people in the base fall by one.


            TJ, Drew, and Trish were off exploring when the carnival came to town. The only warning that they received was the chuckling of an overweight clown who was hiding behind a counter.

            “Carnies!!” Drew yelled pulling his massive 44mag. He barely had a chance to aim when another dashed between doorways. Turning his aim he was attempting to find the best target. He looked back to find the first clown gone. “Fuck.”

            “TJ!!!” Trisha Screamed. Drew preoccupied turned to see his friend being lit up by a three-foot munchkin with a tazer. As quick as a rattler he aimed and fired. One shot was all it took.  The pint-sized carnie was lifted from the ground and thrown five feet by the impact; he landed half of his chest missing.

            Trisha White had been surviving on her own for as long as she could remember. Her reflexes were by all accounts exceptional, and that’s the only thing that saved her. She heard the whoosh and ducked instinctively, when she looked up there was a foot long meat cleaver sticking in the wall where her head had been. Pistols drawn she took aim at the clown who was standing in the middle of the kitchen, asking himself how he missed, and fired. All three of her shots hit him in the gut effectively taking him out of the fight.

            “Trish, take his gun and follow me.” Drew commanded slinging the unconscious body of TJ onto his shoulder. “Run for the chamber.” Taking off in a hurry.

Less than one hundred yards down the long hallway the sounds of sniffing and growling drifted down to their ears. “Oh fucking nukeshit!!! Dogs.” He called to her pumping the last of his speed into carrying himself and his companion down the hall.

            “How far is it?” She asked checking the load on the MP5 as she ran.

            “Far. It’s at the bottom of this tunnel”

            “Listen, music.” Chancing a look back she saw the shadow of a large hunchbacked creature and following behind it, a lot more. “Not dogs, rats, big ones.” She stammered fear in her voice.

            ”Shut up and run. A lot faster.”

            She did as she was told. 100 yards ahead was an intersection, and she was going to make the best of it. Sprinting ahead she stopped at the corner pointing her weapon into the passageway directly behind Drew. What she saw would give nightmares for the rest of her life. Six of them, standing at least three feet tall at the shoulder, long curved tusks protruding in front of the mouth, they has long razor sharp claws on each of there four legs. The closest one was only twenty feet from Drew.

            TJ late as usual took this moment to wake up. Opening his eyes he was nearly face to face with the largest mutie Rat he had ever seen. Reaching to his back he pulled one of the green orbs from the belt and tossed it behind the creature. It landed with a tink tink tink and began rolling down hill toward the fleeing figures.

            “Five” TJ started the countdown

            Trisha opened fire on fully automatic, killing two of the creatures but using twenty rounds to do it.

            “One” Drew dropped, him and TJ landing in a tangle pile of arms legs and weaponry. Then it went off. The beast directly behind them was blown forward, raking his razor sharp claws down Drew’s back in an attempt to stop flying. It didn’t help.  The creature landed less than three feet in front on Trisha; who promptly put a round through the top of its skull. 

            “Go go go go GO!!!! Drew roared pulling the awake but weakened TJ behind.       


            Not long after they had cleared the corner three men walked through the smoke, they were known as the pit bosses. For almost two years they had been second in command.

            Jeb was in front, his two remaining rats now on leashes, straining to continue in the hunt. He wore nothing but a pair of bibbed overalls and carried a long barreled break action 12 gauge. Ones who saw him immediately saw the effects caused by generations of inbreeding.  Jeb never spoke, except to the rats but it didn’t mean he was stupid. In fact he was probably the most intelligent person in the carnival.

            Dancing behind him was a bundle of pent up and energy and demented emotion, Max THE clown was insane, more than that he was sadistic. He was the group’s interrogator, torturer, and all around bad guy. His sharpened teeth immediately identified him as a cainie, and if that wasn’t enough the two-foot meet cleaver that he had strapped to his back was a good indication.

            The third and final member of the group was the Public Relations Official for the carnival. A little chubby and with a happy round face he was the most normal looking person. Dressing up in his boss’s two-piece suit Johnny would ride into town telling tails of circus acts, elephant rides, happy clowns, ponies, candy and prizes. If it worked they would arrive and begin to set up, and late at night during the festival gain new slaves. Whole towns had been known to disappear over night. Often only indication that they had been there was a printed leaflet saying “CARNI COMMING TO TOWN”

            Max a natural acrobat cartwheel down the passageway, while the others followed quietly. At the corner he spotted the runners. “BOOM!!” He yelled, a sadistic and evil laugh following them down the hall.


            Maggy had her hands full.  The other three had left to get away from the annoying scientists, and that left her with all of the freezies. Jeremy who was anxious to see Scott was the first to see the carnies. He had walked into the hall to get away just as they turned the corner.  He was probably the biggest man he had ever seen, weighing in at around three hundred pounds he was carrying a large net, tied around his waist in varying positions were lengths of rope and chain. “Ohh Fuck, The slavers.” Remembering the tail that Drew had told him.

Already spotted he dashed into the room slamming the door. “Company” he yelled, awakening the two white coats.

            “Who?” Maggy asked chambering a round into the UMP

            “Big man, net, chains. That’s who!” he stated.

            “Jeremy” Courtney called out running to his side.

            “Nuke Shit!” Maggy had already deemed Jeremy competent; waving him over she tossed him her USP 40cal and a knife. “Aim for the center of mass, twelve rounds in the clip. Use the last one on her.” Pausing “It’s better that way.”  Backing away from the door her sensitive ears could already detect his heavy footsteps. “Get down.”

            Jeremy took up a position behind one of the couches in the lounge. Aiming at the door. He was excellent with a pistol and at this range no one would get through.

            “Let me shoot first, I’ve got a silencer,” She whispered.

            The two scientists momentarily forgotten took the opportunity to escape. They had no idea what was going on, and when guns began to appear they panicked. What they saw was a doorway, and what they found on the other side was a mountain.

            “Triple stupe bastards.” She cursed under her breath. It was too late for them and she didn’t bother to make a move.

            The first white coat out was the first one back in. But when he arrived it was by air delivery, and the door was the packaging. He landed already unconscious, splinters of the ancient frame littering the room.  Outside there was an audible crack and Maggy knew that the over weight scientist had been deemed unfit for sale.

            He took up most of the door standing, and with half a dozen 40s&w rounds in his chest he fell, but still filling most of it. She wasted no time and moved out immediately, Jeremy and his kid sister in tow. There was no one else in the hall, but she knew that he wasn’t the only one in the redoubt.

            “Where to?” Jeremy asked eyes pealed.

            “Scott’s room, and then the armory.” Walking at a brisk pace. She didn’t want to risk running headlong into any unwanted company.

            “What about the doc?” Courtney asked her naturally calm voice containing more than a hint of fear.

Turning to face him “He’ll get us killed, and since he’s that stupid he deserves whatever he gets.” Then she took off again. Courtney took a last look at the white coat and wished him luck, then ran to catch up.


            Scott went through the armory, stuffing anything use full into the three small packs, cross bow and bolts, grenades, a couple pistols, ammo and as many spare clips as he could find, then as quickly as possible through the rest into a pile. Grabbing one of the remaining explosives he set it in the middle and ran.

            One full minute later a shockwave shook the complex, Scott planned to come back to the redoubt later on and knew that weapons would be needed. But he also knew that real soon people were going to find the armory, anything in there was just going to help them kill him. He had time to stash two of the three bags when he spotted an over weight clown and a tall skeletal looking figure following him.

            They were good at this game. But it was easer to do in the forest. One would dash forward and hide behind something, then the other would move in a different direction. The plan was to confuse the victim until one of them could get close enough to take him, at the same time keeping themselves from getting shot.

            After a short time of shifting targets Scott got fed up. He holstered the Defender and pulled out the massive Kimber. Using the scope he chose the closer of the two and found something to shoot. With the enhanced magnification Scott put the crosshairs on the barely visible fingers of the skinny man and fired. With the seven-inch scionics silencer on the cannon it made little sound, the bullet cleaved off three of the long slender fingers causing his would be attacker to give him a better shot.

            Across the room Clancy the clown watched as his good friend died. The second shot from the massive 45 took him in the side of the throat, removing an apple-sized chunk of what used to be larynx, muscle, and his carotid arteries. He died nearly instantly of shock. On his painted face the clown’s smile turned into a frown, and then back into a smile. Pulling a 12-gauge room sweeper he stood and took aim.

            The shotgun blast in such closed quarters was nearly defining. In slow motion Scott saw the clown pop up and take aim. Turned in the wrong direction he didn’t have time to do anything. When the light in the room flared he closed his eyes awaiting the impact.

            “Guess who? Mutha Fucka.”

            Scott’s mind recognized three things at that instant; one, he wasn’t dead, two, he recognized the psychic presence, and three, he knew the voice.

            “Church?” he yelled out opening one eye, and then the other. Standing in the doorway holding his own gun was a man who could be his brother. “Lost for words he didn’t even attempt to jumble a sentence.

            “Tell ya’ later.” Motioning for Scott to join himself, Maggy, and Courtney.


            “Gone.” Scott interrupted knowing both the question and answer.



            Trisha, TJ, And Drew were being hunted. And they had run out of rooms. Standing before them was a six-walled chamber. “This’s it we’ll have to make our stand here.” Drew called out

            No sooner had he said that than as a small cylinder rolled into the room spewing a green gas.

            “Luci Gas” Trish yelled backing into the chamber.

            “Drew shut the door, now!”

            Slamming the door home Drew stepped back in time to see three men walk, and cartwheel into the anteroom all were wearing gas masks.

    Inside the chamber, the floors and ceiling began to glow, and a white mist slowly started to form. All three looked at each other, a thousand questions in each of their eyes.


            Scott could feel four human presences in the redoubt, and all of them were in the lower levels. “They have gone, not dead but gone. Like I did. We must go, before the rest of them come looking for us.” The knowledge

    Twenty minutes later. The four companions walked out the main door of the redoubt and into the Oregon Wilderness.”

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