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This file will contain all the weapons that have been used by Ryan Cawdor and his friends, as well as any weapons carried by those they meet. The stats are kind of thin right now, but as time goes on I will be adding more data, as well as pictures if I can find them. This page is David Mitchell's baby. He has done all the research and found most of the pictures for this page. The only credit I deserve is putting it all together.

Please note that if anyone out there is able to come across color pictures of the weapons below that are in black and white, please let me or David Mitchell know. Thank you in advance.

As you can see, I've made a big change to this page. It had too many images and was taking far too long for may people to load, so I have split this page up into several sections, which all lead to separate pages. Hope it makes things easier for people to view from now on.

Oh, please note that the picture of the SW M300 shotgun that I added comes from the Book Small arms of the world, written by Edward Clinton Ezell. A very fine book indeed. Credit goes to Rodney Moorehead for scanning it and sending the picture my way.

Ryan Cawdor's weapons.

J.B. Dix's weapons.

Mildred Wyeth's weapons.

Krysty Wroth's weapons.

Jak Lauren's weapons.

Doc Tanner's weapons

Dean Cawdor's weapons


Alternate Grenade Page (Special Thanks to Doug for finding and sending me the page!)

Weapons encountered.

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