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Weapon: Sig Sauer 226

Caliber: 9mm

Action: Blow Back

Magazine Capacity:15 rounds

Barrel Length 4.41"

Total Length: 7.72"

Weight w/o magazine:26.5 oz.

Weight with Magazine: 31.5 oz

Muzzel Velocity: 1450

Impact Pressure: 355 foot pounds per square inch of pressure

Maximum Effective Range: 150 feet

Used by: Ryan Cawdor

Weapon: Steyr P2

Caliber: 7.62 by 51mm (.308" NATO).

Action: Bolt Action

Magazine Capacity: 3 or 10 rounds

Barrel Length: 26"

Total Length: 36"

Weight w/o magazine: 13.7 lbs.

Weight with Magazine: 14.1

Muzzel Velocity: 2850

Impact Pressure: 2872 foot pounds per sqaure inch of pressure

Maximum Effective Range: 1000 yards

Used by: Ryan Cawdor

Weapon: LAPA 5.56mm

Caliber: 5.56

Action: Gas cylinder, delayed blow back

Magazine Capacity: 20 or 30 rounds

Barrel Length 18.5"

Total Length: 35.5"

Weight w/o magazine: 8.4 lbs.

Weight with Magazine: 8.5 lbs.

Muzzel Velocity: 2800 feet per second

Impact Pressure: 1200 foot pounds per sqaure inch of pressure

Maximum Effective Range:

Used by: Ryan Cawdor

Note: Ryan replaced this weapon with the HK G-12 in Red holocaust.

Please note that the Kukri is the weapon on the left next to Cold Steel ATC (All Terrain Chopper).

Weapon: The Panga: Malaysian Military Issue,

Total Length 24",(18" blade-heavy point to it snake style curve to the Blade), (6" handle.)

Total Weight: 1.7 lbs

Used By: Ryan Cawdor

Panga. it's a Malaysian special forces weapon, a DIRECT cousin of the infamous "KHOUKRI" knife used by the Ghurkas' in battle. Savage, efficient, and used primarily for beheading on night ops. Cocobbolo wood or other native wood on handle. Very famous knife over in the islands.

Weapon: HK G-11

Caliber: 4.7mm

Action: Caseless

Magazine Capacity: 2x50

Barrel Length: 540 mm

Total Length: 750mm

Weight w/o magazine:3.6 kg

Weight with Magazine: 4.3 kg

Muzzel Velocity: 3055 FPS

Impact Pressure: 650 foot pounds per sqaure inch of pressure

Maximum Effective Range: 300 meters

Used by: Ryan Cawdor He replaced this weapon in Dark Carnival with the Steyr Rifle. Please note that the G-12 may not exist, so I used the closest equivalent, the G-11.

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