Wile E 5000 Part 2

By Den

Drifting aimlessly through the interdimensional cosmic void, the A.I. know as Wile E. 5000 was depressed. Even the music of the spheres, which guided his way and usually provided great comfort, did not cheer him. Wile E. 5000 was the culmination of project "I need a miracle". He was built from a combination of human and archon technology. He did not know much about the Archons, except that his creators had somehow stolen technology from them and implemented it into his design.
Wile E. had just exited a very confused universe, controlled by a plethora of small gods, none of which could agree on anything. They took turns, ruling, each one altering the universe to his own taste. This made for very chaotic living for the residents' unfortunate enough to populate it. Wile E. felt sorry for them. Wile E. was created for exploration, and even in a depressed state, he could not resist the urge to seek out the secrets of the multiverse. He sent out tendrils of psychic force, listening for echoes and resonances. One of the echoes was familiar, yet different. It had similarities to the last world he visited, yet was not the same. With some trepidation, Wile E allowed the song of the spheres to guide him to guide him to his destination.
Upon arrival, Wile E. immediately began a multifaceted examination. From the atmosphere, landmass, animal/plant population, a multitude of information came to wile E. in answer to his phased pulses. Last, but not least, Wile E. put his most discreet sensors to the task of examining the god situation. What he found brought him great relief. This universe was orderly, and well run, under the care of only one god, so the confusion and chaos of the previous universe was absent. 
Wile E. felt an attraction, the equivalent of human intuition, it pulled at him. It seemed to emanate from a human. A nanosecond passed, as Wile E. phased into the area where the human was. Wile E. remained slightly out of phase, and thus invisible, as he examined the human whose presence called to him. The human was male, and what a strange specimen he was! His energetic movements belied his ancient features. The area he was in was familiar to Wile E., it was a redoubt. The man was fiddling with the controls of a mat trans unit. Wile E. brought himself fully into phase with the current universe. The site of a six-foot coke machine appearing out of nowhere would normally cause shock, to say the least. The old man did jerk back, but then said "Hello Wile E., it's been a long time, how have you been"? Wile E. was the one who was startled, it took him two nano seconds to compose himself and form a reply. "It seems sir, that you have the advantage of me. How is it that you know who, and more important, what, I am"?
"I had the privilege of working on you, my friend, although I never saw your completion. My name is Mohandas Lakesh Singh, by the way".
"Well-met, Lakesh, it is a pleasant surprise to meet you in this well ordered universe".
"Well ordered? My friends and I are in a life and death struggle to overcome inhuman Barons, how can you say it's well ordered", exclaimed Lakesh.
"You have no idea", sighed Wile E., "you just have no idea".

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