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Remember Tomorrow

Between a lost past and uncertain future stands a hostile new frontier

Andy Boot

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Release Date:
September, 2007

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Release Date:
September, 2007

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Release Date:
September, 2007

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First Edition

Release Date:
September, 2007

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Savage New World

After twenty-first century America exploded in the chaos of a nuclear nightmare, a raw new landscape emerged, a world where death and dreams clash. Still, the best of the human spirit endures: the hope, the will to survive. But so does the worst: the greed, tyranny, the easy death. In his enduring odyssey across the hostile world called Deathlands, Ryan Cawdor is a warrior no enemy wants to cross.

The Enemy of My Enemy...

An earthquake in the Arkansas dust bowls leaves the companions for dead, until they are all reunited except for armorer J. B. Dix. Alive, though with no memory of the past, he is in the uncertain employ of the iron fisted ruler of a vital outpost along the routes that traverse the wastelands. Duma is the biggest, most dangerous ville in all of Deathlands, where jolt, jack, booze and sex are worth more than human life. Stalking Duma and preparing to attack this orgy of firepower is a crazed band of inbred worshipers of Nagasaki... and their unwilling new sec force led by Ryan Cawdor.In the Deathlands, the last shot fired is the law.


wicked sly plotting
by matty

O.K. as a whole, this book was excellent. I promise not to say anything about events, cause I don't want to spoil anything. The start was a bit slow, but then wow! the hook was set, and I was being reeled in. Great twist in plot, and well exploited. The companions are like close friends after all these books, but this one dove into another side(strange but exciting) of one of my favorite characters.

I had to deduct a point for the mutie sex scene though.

Delivers the goods
by Sterling

O.K. - I have to admit I didn't actually *read* this book. I listened to the unabridged CD version by GraphicAudio.

It was also my introduction to the Deathlands series.

It does have all the requisite sex, violence and action that one would expect from the novel equivalent of an action movie.

It's pretty typical of the post holocaust genre, and there aren't a whole lot of surprises (especially since I'm jumping in on this series at #79!), but there's not a lot of disappointment either.

J.B. Dix is an interesting character that takes center stage in this one.
Can't wait to read or listen to more of this series.

Andy Boot Redeems Himself!
by Jodes

&#160;When this book first came out, many of us had a collective groan when we found out who was writing this one, the one and only Andy Boot.&#160; He'd recently given us the brutal flaming turd called Strontium Swamp, which hands down has to be the worst DL out there period.

Andy does redeem himself with this one. After reading it and listening to the GA version, I have to say that he did a pretty decent job of this one.

The concept is certainly not new, but it does work well, and JB's repuation is put to the test, which does make it slightly more believable.

Yes there are crazy muties, but having them know some of the pre-dark history and the shrine to Nagasaki did make them slightly higher then your average slobbering sticky!

Hell, even the editing for the most part in this book was good! (Another reason why Strontium Swamp was so terribly bad).

Can I dare say this may be the best DL that Andy Boot as written? That might not be saying much, but hey if you are no longer writing for the series, why not go out with some decent work?