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Well, that was easier than I had feared. Things may look a little different, but the site is now up to the current version of the underlying software platform and has an up to date theme applied. I am still tweaking things here and there, but on the whole I think it looks good. If you see any issues, please let me know.

  -- October 16, 2021


So here's the deal:

I haven't actively maintained this site in about five years. But it is still important to me, including all of the historic content going all the way back to 1997. I don't want to lose it.


The software driving it has gotten well out of date, and the web host is (understandably) requiring that it be brought up to current for security reasons. That's cool. But the theme that drives the look-and-feel of the site is so far out of date that it can't be upgraded. Which means I need to install a new, more modern theme. 

It's going to look janky for a while, until I get it all sorted out. Please be patient.

I mean, if you even exist. Does anyone even still visit this site? I dunno. If you do: thank you. I appreciate your patience during the remodel.

 - Ron Miles, October 13, 2021

New Series by Chuck Rogers

Available now in both print and Kindle editions, the first book of a new post-apocalyptic series by Chuck Rogers.

Ex-trailer trash. Ex-res. Dishonorably discharged ex-Force Recon Marine and MP. Ex-con. Ex-biker. Ex-FBI informant. Ex-wrestler. It’s a lot of x’s to have by your name. It can give you a bad attitude, and it is not a good resume for most walks of American life. But it’s not a bad career track at all for a fixer in Los Angeles, and if the name of the new job is surviving the end of the world?Put it this way. Staying alive in the post-apocalypse can be a real bitch. Sometimes it takes a real bastard.My name is Benjamin Allen Frame.Last night the Earth died screaming.Today is Day One . . .

Check out Bastard of the Apocalypse: The Earth Died Screaming:

Kindle Edition - list price $5.99

Print Edition - list price $14.99

New Book by Chuck Rogers

If you are (were?) a Deathlands fan, then you probably already know the name Chuck Rogers. Author of three of the most highly-regarded books in the series (Blood Harvest, Hell Road Warriors, and Blood Red Tide), he also very well liked among the Mack Bolan crowd from his nearly forty entries in those series.

Chuck has just released his first novel under his own name, and it is fantasatic. Heroes Road is an epic fantasy adventure featuring the same kind of action and strong characters that made his Axler and Bolan books stand out. It is available now on Amazon for the Kindle, check it out at:

Heroes Road: Complete Edition - $5.99

Or, if you want to buy it in pieces it is available broken up into three volumes:

Heroes Road: Book 1 - $0.99
Heroes Road: Book 2 - $1.99
Heroes Road: Book 3 - $2.99

I had the good fortune to read an early draft about two years ago, and it was great then. The final spit and polish on it for this release has turned it into a true classic.

Do yourself a favor, and check it out. This one is highly recommended. And if you do read it, please do Chuck the favor of leaving a review for it at Amazon. It's a small thing, but it really helps.

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You can get digital versions on amazon for the last couple of books before they went audio book only.



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Ratings 1-5
  Title Avg
1Hell Road Warriors10.00
2Blood Harvest9.89
4The Mars Arena9.80
5Demons of Eden9.67
Ratings 6-10
  Title Avg
6Cannibal Moon9.50
7Nightmare Passage9.50
8Chill Factor9.50
9Dark Emblem9.50
10Doom Helix9.50


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Ratings 1-5
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1Children of the Serpent10.00
2Rim of the World10.00
3Talon and Fang10.00
4Exile to Hell10.00
5Mad God's Wrath10.00
Ratings 6-10
  Title Avg
6Mask of The Sphinx10.00
7Cerberus Storm10.00
8Hydra's Ring10.00
9Skull Throne10.00
10Tigers of Heaven10.00