Way back in the mid 90's, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the original premier Deathlands website was The Deathlands Web Survival Guide.  Created and maintained by Chris van Deelen, it was hands-down the best place on the web for information on all things Deathlands and James Axer related.

Round about 1998, Chris and I combined forces (along with an Aussie bloke named Alex Madison, who has long since fallen off the radar) in order to create  Chris stopped updating the old DLWSG years ago, but it is kept here as an archive.  Some of the images are corrupted, some parts of the site may or may not work, and if they don't then they will never be fixed, but for the most part it is all still there for you to enjoy and explore.

The Deathlands Web Survival Guide

When the Outlanders series of books launched in 1997, Chris also created a website dedicated to the new series.  That website is also kept here for posterity, with all the same caveats.

Outlanders Archives

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