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Night Eternal

The Lost Earth Saga - Book 2

From a world they never made -- a journey into the vortex of time

Mark Ellis
Mel Odom

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
June, 1999

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
May, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
August, 2007

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Release Date:
August, 2007

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Kane and his fellow warrior survivalists find themselves launched into an alternate reality where the nukecaust was averted--and the Archons have emerged as mankind's great benefactors.

The group sets out to help a small secret organization conduct a clandestine war against the forces of evil....

Book #2 in the new Lost Earth Saga, a trilogy that chronicles our heroes' paths through three very different alternate realities...where the struggle against the evil Archons goes on...

Back Cover:


An ex-soldier of the new order that seized power in the post-holocaust world of America now ventures beyond the Outlands, face-to-face with other shocking realities...

Kane and his fellow Outlanders are thrown into a world where the nuclear war never happened but a clandestine war rages on against the sinister forces that still rule humanity. Here, this deadly spectre has openly revealed itself -- as mankind's great benefactors. As Kane and his band meld with their doubles in this new reality, their quest to change history is confronted by ultimate evil.


A little cheesy but still fun
by Robey
This book didn't make a whole lot of sense, and yeah it wasn't as good as Hellbound Fury, but it was still fun. I particularly enjoyed the bizarre alternate world the characters visited in this one, with the war being waged by various factions. The book had its cheesy sections, but there was plenty of fast action and the scene with Kane and Beth-Li in the hospital was hot.
Tons of action!
by The Phantom
The Lost Earth saga goes into full swing with this book, and it was a very entertaining story.

Night Eternal deals with the second of the three lost worlds, with Grant being a leader of a band in the Eastern part of the US, and Kane is Thrush's right hand man in the Western US. Brigid is Kane's ex wife working in a historical division in the Sante Fe ville. This book has a lot of action, jumping between the different perspectives as they try to find each other in this alternate world, as well as taking over control of their doppelgangers, which doesn't come easy for Kane and Brigid. The plot is rather simple; to find and kill Thrush. The complex adventures in this story are a fun read, and although this book isn't perfect, I still give it a full 10 stars. Great stuff!
by One Eye Chills
This 2nd part written in collaboration with Mel Odom, was quite simply, spellbinding to read. With everything from awesome action sequences to hot sex scenes, this one really stood out in sheer scope of storylines and characterizations.

At last, Kane and Brigid make love, but as alter-ego's of themselves! Can these two star-crossed lovers never get a break?!