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Alpha Wave

A struggle for survival in a land of sudden death

Rik Hoskin

First Edition

Release Date:
September, 2009

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
February, 2010

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A struggle for survival in a land of sudden death...
Across the flat planes of the Dakotas, an iron horse shrieks and rumbles across refurbished tracks. Inside the boxcars, Rayn Cawdor and his companions face trouble as never before. Jak is missing, Krysty is dying and the train is loaded with sec men, white coats and the horrifying experiment of a baron -- who9se aim it is to control every living soul in the Deathlands.

Back Cover:

Zenith Obscured

IN the postapocalyptic world of Deathlands, the past and its way of life are as obsolete as myth. Now the days are filled with death, violence and little promise. Still, the human spirit endures, and a group of intrepid warrior survivalists dare to believe that out there, something better is on offer. If they live long enough to find it.


Across the flat plains of the Dakotas, an iron horse shrieks and rumbles across refurbished tracks. Inside the boxcars, Ryan Cawdor and his companions face trouble unlike any other. Jak is missing, Krysty is dying and the train is loaded with sec men, whitecoats and a horrifying experiment -- a baron with psionic abilities using stolen children to fuel his mad dream for mind control of every living soul in Deathlands.In the Deathlands, there's no way back and now way out. Welcome to the future.


by emotherian

What? Is about the best that this will get. Jak giving up without a fight? Everyone thinking about writting Krysty off? Firing rounds into the air and wasting ammo? Ryan not concerned about Krysty's health? Jak going into a remorse for the death of child instead of finding a way to kill the attacker? Mildred wounding people to get away and not being able to hit her target? Not dumping bodies when they had a chance to do it to cover their tracks? JB not concerned about his best friend's health or Krysty's? Where in the hell do they get some of these&#160; "writers". The author Rik Hoskin has lost his mind with his interurpation of the characters. This one sounded like a cheap comic book being turne into a book... and I was right. Here's something about the author....

""Rik Hoskin writes comic strip material for the UK and USA. He’s currently entrenched as the writer on Spider-Man &amp; Friends and Disney &amp; Me, and regularly contributes to Dreamworks Tales, Disney’s Princess and many others. He also writes science fiction novels for a very big North American publisher under their house pseudonym.""&#160;&#160;

Please return Rik to the comic book section. &#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;

This gets a 1 because there is no zero.....


A solid book with a fresh premise
by Lokheed

In a series that has run as long as Deathlands, most of the readers are tired of the "companions encounter evil baron, companions defeat evil baron" plotline.&#160; It has been done to death, and usually includes some kind of gladiatorial game at some point.&#160; Alpha Wave is a fresh departure and a strong entry in the series.

The bulk of the book takes place on board a moving train, with Jak captured and Krysty mortally impaired by a mysterious illness.&#160; The purpose behind the train remains a mystery right up until the climax, with much of the action involving the remaining companions attempting to remain hidden on the train while the search for their missing friend.

The action scenes are crisp and exciting, and the characterizations are surprisingly deep.&#160; Doc in partular is more, um, "Doc-ish" than he has been in quite some time, which was very nice.

I will avoid spoilers and simply say that this is a great read that shows that there is still life in this series, and it doesn't involve gladiator pits.

Out of character
by Timbermountain
Good job on some of the action scenes (there were few) and true to the some of the relationships between the characters (Mainly Ryan and JB). The overall premise is preposterous, as is some of the depiction of Mildred as a healer, Jak as a fighter, and Ryan's lack of concern for Krysty until the end of the story. i had to keep reading because it did present a pretty good mystery (what are those towers anyway) but the problem solving ability of the companions is normally way better than portrayed here. I can't say I'm glad I made it to the end, but now and then the reading was exciting, which is why it gets a 4 instead of a 1.

Close again
by sniper1shot

Well, I must admit on this one it was interesting for sure. Battles on a train and trying to figure out what those towers were for did keep the book interesting.......however, it again did not match the earlier books at all.....t

The Good:

-Story line....what are those towers for?

-The battles....all on the train or at the stops

-Some of the character interaction.....grabbing ammo and explosives etc

The Bad

-Start of the book.....which redoubt did they land in? Never found out until mid book....again THE AUTHOR OF THE NEXT DL HAS TO READ THE LAST FEW CHAPTERS OF THE PREVIOUS BOOK TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING AND HOW IT that the next book has some sort of continuation.

-Editor mistakes....Jak has a jean jacket with razors sewn in....not leather.

Jak actually lets someone sneak up on him.....TWICE.....really? Must be his age catching up to him


-The last chapters where you find out what the towers are for and how they work....the baron becoming ....what?.....I think there is a movie out in theaters right now on just this topic.

-Once in doubt.....blow up everything....train, station, etc....seems to be the easiest way to end a story lately.


Not a bad book, again, nothing great either.