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Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Jeff Slemons

First Edition

Release Date:
June, 2010

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Front Cover - Large Front Cover - Small Front Cover - Medium
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The Clues to Humanity's Hidden History Began... With a non-human language spoken by Biblical patriarchs and led to coded secrets scribbled in the suppressed log of Charles Darwin...concealed for centuries by an elite society of scholars dedicated to preventing humankind from learning of its true origins. Darwin's log tells of a forgotten island in the Sulu Seas, where ancient terrors beyond imagining await those who stumble upon it...and where a conspiracy older than time can shatter the world. "Tombstone" Jack Kavanugh and Augustus Crowe lost everything when they gambled for a fortune on a tropical island. A chance comes to recoup their losses when they lead a pair of cynical scientists and the notorious Bai Suzhen through the seething cauldron of a bizarre ecosystem--a remnant of an Earth that was and might be again. Pursued by a crew of bloodthirsty Triad assassins and frighteningly intelligent monsters spawned by a twisted evolution, Kavanaugh and Crowe are no longer interested in making a forutne but merely in staying alive. Deep in the broiling jungle, amid ruins half as old as time, they plunge into the heart of the humanity's greatest mystery--and to a violent confrontation with a misshapen madman who lusts after a miracle but will settle for murder. Lavishly illustrated by Jeff Slemons!