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Homeward Bound

Adventure and suspense in the midst of the new reality

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
January, 1988

Cover Price:


Second Edition

Release Date:
August, 1992

Cover Price:


Third Edition

Release Date:
December, 1997

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
July, 1998

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Graphic Audio WMA

Release Date:
December, 2005

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
December, 2005

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Graphic Audio CDs

Release Date:
December, 2005

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Emerging from a gateway in the ruins of New York City, Ryan decides it is time to face his power-mad brother -- and avenge the deaths of his father and older brother.

Back Cover:


Ryan Cawdor's post-holocaust odyssey across America is about to come full circle -- Ryan Cawdor is going home.

Forced away from Front Royal by a power-mad brother who had already committed fratricide, Ryan had roamed a devastated America searching out the small pockets of life where civilization was being reborn.

Emerging from a gateway in the ruins of New York City, Ryan decides to put his own house in order -- it's time to avenge the deaths of his father and older brother.

Accompanied by Krysty Wroth and J.B. Dix, Ryan Cawdor comes face-to-face with the harsh reality of post-nuclear America. In the Deathlands, honor and fair play are words of the past. Vengeance is a word to live by.


Homeward Bound
by GuapoPogi
I finished Homeward Bound Friday night. I found it to be one of the better DL books. The only part of this book that bothered me was Harvey, and Rachel not being able to recognize Ryan. Even after 20 years his one eye and scars should have been a dead give away. I know those that disagree with me will site Rachel's drugs use and Harvey's insanity as the reason they didn't recognize Ryan. Still I don't buy it. I liked the fact that they traveled such a long ways over land, which seems to be something I don't remember them doing often. I would have liked for there to have been more exploration of the redoubt though. I give this one a 9.0

Ryan returns home
by The Phantom
Continuing their journey in the nuke blasted Deathlands, Ryan Cawdor and his friends emerge in a redoubt in New York state.
He decides to go back to his hometown in Virginia to confront his twisted brother, who is now the Baron of the ville there.
Good adventure on the trek to his old home, and gets revenge on his brother after 20 years of absence.

Trading complex plots for high Adventure, the Deathlands books are pretty good, although not as brain-cell stimulating as Outlanders, but for what it is, Homeward Bound was an enjoyable novel.
Lord Ryan's return triumphant
by onefallenshadow
Ryan Cawdor and his band, making their journey back to the Shens, Ryan's home. Very well written, emotion has been poured into this book. The Sci-Fi Channel's rendition of the book was horrible. Believe me, whenever a movie comes out, read the book and I'm sure you'll never want to see the movie again.
The DL where Ryan goes home.
by Roadwarrior
Wow. This book was great. The first half of the book mainly focused on the groups journey through the Mohawk. The usual group of muties are encountered as weel as others of a stranger variety. The muties on the ruined brige reminded me of the mutants in the Omega Man. Great imagery. After an encounter with some Cannies and another wierd mutie the book really becomes entertaining.

Ryan's past story of loss and tragedy adds even more depth to his character. He could have been powerful but he was hunted down by his evil brother. A desperate man eager for revenge and you really learn why. Father murdered, eldest brother murdered, bannished and you loose an eye. It's enough to make anyone miffed.

The Cawdors encountered in this novel are truely twisted. The fat, disgusting slob that is Harvey Cawdor is equally matched with his sick and perverted son and his evil opportunistic wife. Glad to see them go.

Yes, this is the first of the Deathlands to introduce the stereotype of being captured by a baron and then hunted for his sport but I didn't mind this as it was the first novel to include this.

All in all the only problem with this book was that is was too short. However I'm willing to let this pass in light of the sheer entertainment value it offered. Definatley one of the best Dealands ever!
by One Eye Chills
Even though the movie version of this failed almost utterly, this novel is definately one of the all-time best.
The movie cast Ryan and Krysty pretty damn well, but Jak and J.B. were simply horrific to watch!
This novel takes right off with a speed of a bullet and never slows down.
Reading and finally finding out about Ryan's sordid past was a delight to read.
I can't believe that they finally made this into a film - one that could have spawned a successful series - a screwed it up so badly. How on earth do you get an actor that looks like an albino Back Street Boy to play the part of a feral-like Jak? Also, who do these film-makers think are going to watch this movie?
DEathlands fans Maybe?
What a waste of such a great series that can - by today's standards - be made into a huge hit at the box office. With tons of sequels already written and waiting!!
Hollywood can be so blind! Read the book and forget about the movie.
Great Book-Bad Movie
by BaronStonehill
Another good Deathlands Adventure. Well written
like all the early books.
As far as the movie.. Boy did they bomb out on that one. I waited forever to see it. and was instantly disappointed!! Deathlands would make a great T.V series if they would stick to the story like it is written. Jak was the most disappointing charactor in the movie. He didn't look anything like the book describes.
Cawdor's Home!!
by slingbld

I am reviewing the Graphic Audio unabridged book &gt;

This is a great book!&#160; Aside from the common formula of psycho baron, I liked the backstory of Ryan and his home ville. The story had enough original material to make it a very good story!

The Origin Of Ryan
by ShadowTek
Yet another awesome book, The Sci-fi channel made a movie about this book (though very low budget) This is the story of Ryan's homecoming.

Its the story of how Ryan lost his eye, and how he came to join the Trader, its one of those "essential" books if you really want to know everything that's going on.

You Feel for Ryan as his Sister in law is evil as hell, and his nephew is also a shit.

Then of course there's the showdown with his hated brother, it closes the story of Ryan's existence&nbsp;and why/how he is what he is today, a must read!