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Time Nomads

Adventure and suspense in a treacherous new world

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
June, 1990

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
January, 1999

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Second Edition

Release Date:
April, 1999

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Graphic Audio MP3 Download

Release Date:
March, 2006

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
March, 2006

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Release Date:
May, 2006

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In the blasted heart of the new America, Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior-survivalists search for hidden caches of food, weapons and technology -- the legacy of a preholocaust society -- stashed in lonely outposts known as redoubts.

When Ryan ingests bacteria-infested food, he lies near death -- his body paralyzed but his mind traveling rapidly back to his early days in the Deathlands...moving through the southwest on post-nuke vehicles called warwags...and his run-in with the Baron.

Towse, near what was once Albuquerque, is a ville in a freakishly beautiful landscape populated by scabbies and armed Apaches. Baron Alias Carson and his bejeweled wife, Sharona, welcome Ryan, J.B. Dix and the Tracker to their treacherous world.

In the Deathlands the past is a dream. The future is a nightmare.


Time Nomads
by GuapoPogi
I just finished Time Nomads 12/21/2002. I liked Time Nomads. The flashback story was excellent, and the the regular story line was real good, and the hints of Ryan having a child out in the Deathlands were very interesting. I did notice a few things wrong like the refrence to Ryan's eyes insted of eye, and his Rugar becoming a Smith & Weson for a page. Other than that I had only 1 complaint about this book. I think that it was stupid to have Krysty and Ryan cross paths 10 years before Pilgrimage To Hell. I would give it a 9 but Krysty's cameo drops it to an 8.

A look at the past
by The Phantom
With eating hundred year old food the possibility of getting food poisoning makes sense, and Ryan gets a dose of it at the beginning of this novel. I was hoping the time travel would have something to do with the gateways themselves, but instead this story deals with the memory of a past event in Ryan's mind while he is in a poison induced coma.

This novel, through Ryan's memory, takes him back to the time with the Trader, with the warwags, before the first book. I liked this novel, it had more of a Pilgrimage to Hell feel to it, and was interesting to see events with the war wags as well as the first time Ryan saw Krysty, and also the prelude of sorts to the novel Seedling, involving the mother of Ryan's child.

A better book overall then the last two or three books, good action, and a suspenseful ending getting out of the ruined redoubt before it blows. The death of the Baron was anticlimactic though, he was the one character in the book that was kind of weak and boring.
A good adventure.
The DL with Ryan in a coma and his flashback.
by Roadwarrior
OK so this was the first DL novel I had read. It was quite a good introduction to the series, with a qick into to the usual crew and then a recap of Ryan when he was in Trader group.

However, apart from the information given as to a possibilty that Ryan had a son, this title just strikes me as and average when compared to previous titles that I have subsequently read.

As I said an average novel, not bad but not the best.
by One Eye Chills
This is simply an awesome book, simply because it was yet another bold and ingenius idea for Laurence James to think of a way to take us readers back to the good 'ol War Wag years.
We are not only taken back to the interesting past - but shown just how Ryan and Trader hooked up!! I always loved the Trader - who doesn't? He was Ryan's father for crying out loud! That cigar chewing bad ass old man always made the series that much more interesting.
Whether it was a traderism or better yet - he was in it - always promised to be an interesting yarn. This also intros Sharona - Dean's mother - and when he was concieved.
Simply Laurence James brilliance...
Rest easy Laurence, God do I miss you and your wonderful writing style.
Great Read!
by Poopy_Penguin
It was great to finally know a little bit of Ryan's past, as it really fills in some blanks that I've been wondering about.
Trader = Awesome!!
by ShadowTek
This story is a 10 hands down and is one of my favorite books hands down.. Ryan gets sick and dreams of the past, most of the book is a flashback, but its a dame good one!!!

Its a story of Ryan as War chief of War Wag One, when he was with the Trader..

When they get in a fight and run from the ville, and regroup, then turn around and attack the ville that had them on the ropes is simply freaking&nbsp;awesome.. I was hooked from start to finish, the flashback was the story and found myself annoyed when they went to the present, as the flashback was so dame awesome I didn't want any time wasted not following the flashback story, 10 all the way!!