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Way of the Wolf

After the ashes and dust of the great Reckoning, the warrior survivalists live by one primal instinct

Mel Odom

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
July, 1998

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
August, 2001

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
May, 2010

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May, 2010

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Unexpectedly dropped into a bleak Arctic landscape by a mat-trans jump, Ryan Cawdor and his companions find themselves the new bounty in a struggle for dominance between a group of Neanderthals and descendants of a military garrison stranded generations ago.

Back Cover:


The bleak nightmare of the nuclear winter has abated, but the Earth is scarred, its ecosystems poisoned, many of its life forms mutated and struggling for existence. Here, in the torn remnants of American, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists stake their claim as the inheritors of Deathlands, their unforgiving world.


The mountains of the Arctic Circle are shaken with ceaseless tremors as the frozen earth Threatens to swallow itself. Trapped in the hostile landscape by a mat-trans jump, Ryan and companions find the ultimate challenge to their will to survive. The odds dwindle when they become the new bounty in a struggle for dominance between a group of Neanderthals and descendants of a military garrison stranded generations ago.

Deathlands. A perilous journey through uncharted territory.


Way Of The Wolf 10/26/2003
by GuapoPogi
Way Of The Wolf seemed very reminiscent of the Laurence James books. Kirkland was a new twist on the psychotic baron idea. Handsome Wyatt was an amusing character, and it would be interesting to see either of them appear again. I was surprised to see that Albert actually did the jump with the group, but of course he died at the end. unfortunately most of the book was not even remotely believable. J.B. suddenly know electronics, and can diagnose jump gate problems, then repair damaged circuit boards. I find it hard to believe that a redoubt would be built on an iceberg, and the group gets there mere hours before the redoubt is flooded and destroyed. Too many coincidences, then throw the overly predictable death of Albert at the end of the book. Sorry this book was hard to swallow. I give it a 6.0
A good page-turner!
by The Phantom
I liked this adventure, very action-packed and kept me turning the pages. All the characters were written perfectly, as if the author had been with the series from the beginning.
Ryan and his companions spend the first two thirds of the book in a town called Hazard. A great series of action takes place here, and the gang finds themselves blasting their way out of another prediciment. The final battle here was a little bit of a coincidence with the arrival of the clown wag at the last second, but I really liked this portion of the story. The group even gets some help from a dwarf, an interesting addition to the party, even for just one book.

The last third of the novel takes a major turn, almost like it was a seperate book tacked on to the first. I would have liked to see some sort of connection between the two, but at least it was a great finish to a well written action book. Excellent final pages, I knew the dwarf wasn't gonna make it, but the ending was an exciting and gripping finish to the novel. Overall, this book wasn't as good as the author's first couple books in this series, but I'm still giving it a 9
Lots of action, but continuity problem
by jschiltz1
I give Way of the Wolf a rating of 6. I thought the book was a really interesting read with lots of fast paced action. However as a few of the other reviewers noted the second plot line seemed a little far fetched. It seemed as if the author added the second plot as a way of just making the story a little longer. If it were up to me I would have just elaborated on the main plot as it seemed far more interesting.

Also I was a little confused because at the end of the last nover they were going to stay in the area and head towards Ryan's home. This one did not include any of the things that happened between the Freedom Mall and Hazard. I guess this is just another of the continuity issues I have heard brought up about the later novels. Not that I didn't like it because I did. If it wouldn't have had the Deathlands logo I would have enjoyed it as a stand alone novel. But because I have grown to expect something of the deathlands series I didn't think it was up to par.
What Happened?
by Smite_Me
I love Deathlands. I really do. I have every book but like 5. This was a good book but I mean why did they spend so much of the book in Hazard. 3/4's were spent there with some stupid plague. And when the book got into the cover story of an arctic wasteland battle between natives and Russians, it was over before it started. I know that inbredding ruined the Russians but they would still carry enough strategies from days gone by to take out Ryan and his band of roving warriors. And the whole Rebout as an iceberg, it's perposterus. I live in Alaska. Fairbanks to be exact. And I know the military would have more common sense than to build into ice and/or permafrost. It was good but could have been better.
by One Eye Chills
Way of the Wolf read like two completely different books, the 2nd storyline completely saved this particular novel though.
I loved the icy wasteland in which our heroes found themselves stranded upon. This part of the story was one of the best DEATHLANDS sequences that I have read in a long time.
The ice-cold elements and the differing types of people that they ran into made for an awesome read.
Mel Odom's Mars Arena with this last part of Way of the Wolf, I believe brought back a very much missed Deathlands back into the greatness status.
C'mon Mel, write us another great Deathlands Adventure!!
Two for?
by aceontheline
Let me just say that I really liked the Hazard part and wish that the author had stuck it out to the end. It had the makings of a very good book. I liked J.B.'s visit to Tinker Phillips gunshop as well as the Albert and Kirkland characters.The story line in general had alot of promise. The other story might have gone somewhere had it not come in so late as to seem like filler only. Not enough time to develope it, plus it wasn't as interesting as the opening story anyway.
Frozen Isolation
by ShadowTek
Ok, this one finds the team in the frozen antarctic in the middle of a iceberg (Ok not sure about this premise) but as it takes a different stand, thus is a refreshing new story, this book, like many of JL's books seems to be more then one story, that personally is something I have always liked..

Once the story gets started (WAYYY into the book, I mean the last part of the book) its a battle against Russians, however, why its called way of the wolf is a mystery, and why the book cover and description refer to the arctic is questionable as much of the story is in a ville called Hazard, and the advertised story is only the last 1/3 part of the book, but I liked it all the same, as I have said, I like that many of the books are actually many stories in one :)